In the history of mankind, wars have happened all the time. A war can be hot, using cold, firearms and even nuclear weapons, cold when there is only confrontation, information, in order to achieve psychological superiority. But there is a war that is well known, with an army that has not officially declared its goals. This is an undeclared war. At the same time, the enemy attacks exclusively meanly, relying on the factor of surprise, and he most often terrorizes precisely the civilian population. Always people on Earth primarily expected an enemy attack from their own kind, and never expected an enemy from the inside. What does such a war look like from the inside? The main thing is that at the same time it seems that everything seems to be going fine. Everything functions, people walk around, talk, and kill no one. Everyone has everyday worries. Typical peaceful life. In this war, rarely does anyone physically die. It is often impossible to even assume that there is some kind of difficult situation. All negative changes accumulate gradually. Even the deterioration often goes in waves, not very affected people try to straighten the situation, but usually enough for a short while, and again the blockage. But this war has characteristic features.

Most people will lose interest, become more mundane, limited, everyday. Sometimes it seems that nobody is interested in anything. Everyone listens, smiles and goes about their business. And all the same again. Everyone forgot right away. One of the main results of such a war is the lack of curiosity among people. They are no longer interested in scientific and technical knowledge. Widespread ignorance is growing.

Relations of the sexes become infinitely complex. It is often impossible to negotiate with women in such a situation. The main sign of war is that most women do not want sex with men. Women become rude, masculine, begin to behave like men, try to take dominant positions, they no longer need affection and care, moreover, they become disgusting. Sexuality and eroticism disappear. Women become non-sexual, do not look after themselves, dress sloppy, do not try to imagine themselves better in the eyes of men. Often, in general, in this case, they are not interested in the opinion of men about them, they dress and adorn their clothes for their own sake, and to show their superiority to their friends. They are not trying to flirt. They do not show a naked body, and a woman does not like when men admire her. Perversions happen when a woman flirts, even shows a naked body, but only to mock a man. Many women begin to behave meanly, unprincipled, immoral, soulless. As a result, no one has anything in the relationship.


The purpose of this movement is obviously to create difficult problems in society.

A clear sign of war is the obviously biased attitude of many women to certain men, and these are most often intellectuals. Obviously high demands are made on such a man, any trifles are not forgiven, while he notices that other men who are not striving to become too intelligent do not make such claims, and even rude antics are forgiven. Often, he sees from women immediately an instinctive refusal to get acquainted, communicate, become just a friend. At the same time, other men are allowed such relationships, although in his opinion they are less suitable for this. This is surprising even if he doesn’t even declare his special intentions, and would be ready just for acquaintance and friendly relations. But even this is impossible! And for no apparent reason. The woman immediately does not even want to just be friends, communicate, and it looks strange. Ignores a certain man and is biased towards him.

One of the characteristic signs is the growing ideas of feminism, which quickly proliferate from the proclamation of equality of rights to demonization of men, propaganda of the breakdown of relationships, complete independence from men, personal love for oneself, freedom from building a family, having children, typical family joys that are declared unworthy. Each woman’s goal is to declare typically male interests, such as a career and a place in a hierarchy of their own kind.

Feminism, like any violation of traditional gender roles, is a perversion of the work of this mechanism, an outright manifestation of its hatred, expressed in a certain type of mental disorder. At the same time, men often promote the ideas of feminism; their behavior is not always clear to others.

Reducing the needs of women in sex is accompanied by a massive lie about the incredible success of unknown men in this area. A huge number of liars appear. This spurs the interest of other men in the intimate sphere, it seems to them that they are deprived of incredible joys that are not really there. Together with growing problems, all this creates a heavy psychological dependence, a set of losers.

Paradoxical as it may sound, unhappy love is also an element of this war. It is especially acute in those who have suffered constant setbacks on the personal front. It comes unexpectedly, and often captures the whole person, resembling a real mental disorder, an overvalued idea. It seems that love of this kind should be the most favorable choice for a woman for her, because a man is ready for anything for her reciprocity. It’s a paradox, but it is to such a man that a woman refuses most often. She just doesn’t need it! And for a man, such a refusal becomes a real tragedy from which he often cannot get out for years. Sometimes the scar remains for life.

Unhappy love

He struggles with this with all his might, driving away all thoughts of this woman, but they still come back. However, he does not know that these thoughts are simply imposed on him, forcing him to experience this suffering, time after time. And this feeling is often imposed on him, too, and precisely because he did not find reciprocity. If reciprocity arose, it would not be so strong.


Before that, it may seem like only sympathy. Often unhappy love arises at the stage of completion of a relationship when a woman leaves. Not being particularly valuable before, it suddenly becomes the most valuable thing in the world. After going through this whole stage of torment, the man most often then does not understand why he suffered so much because of this woman? What was so special about her that others did not have? The answer is simple, he had to suffer in order to be distracted from his affairs by this feeling. This is just an element of war, in fact, a military attack. Unfortunately, society and psychiatry take this phenomenon too frivolously, considering it ridiculous. Although it is essentially a real acute mental disorder, and the patient needs urgent help. But doctors often cannot even prescribe antidepressants for him! They only sigh and sympathize, most often hypocritically. The purpose of such a movement is obviously to evade a person from achieving his goals in life, replacing it with a desire for the inaccessible.

A person who seeks intellectual growth usually appreciates his time. But he is faced with a situation when other people from close circle begin to pester him. Wife, parents, relatives. He definitely needs to do something, often urgently, leaving his classes. Moreover, something devoid of intelligence, some kind of stupid nonsense. Moreover, it is impossible to agree with annoying relatives, scandals begin. Even if a person yields, then there is still some dumb nonsense that must be done. And again with the scandal. Usually people do not understand this, but they are simply hindered.

Household items and environments become dull, rude, sloppy done, somehow, without a soul. As if the manufacturer is not interested in the fact that his goods will be bought. Everything becomes rude, uncomfortable, or fragile, potentially quickly failing. Sometimes outwardly beautiful, but flimsy inside. It seems that no one is monitoring quality. Once large, beautiful, strong-looking, it is replaced by something small, flimsy, unreliable, miserable design, made somehow. And it seems that no one is noticing. Everyone considers what is happening completely normal.

All production in a developed country strangely turns out to be abroad, or critically dependent on external components. Despite all the declared efforts to combat this phenomenon, the situation does not change, and even worsens.

Constantly nothing new projects that have begun have begun to end; often, for unknown or far-fetched reasons, products are terminated and discarded at a high stage of readiness. It often happens that many new products are declared, especially in the military and high-tech fields, but in practice it turns out that everything is still equipped with outdated models, and new ones can’t be completed and introduced in large quantities.

New products seem dubious and weaker, even compared with old ones, and especially with closed unfinished projects. So a developed state is gradually becoming weak, and no one understands why it can not be fixed. Moreover, the understanding that the state has already weakened and cannot protect itself often comes too late and resembles an unexpected revelation.

A typical sign is that the country's population, completely immersed in work, as a result produces almost nothing! All work hard, as productively as possible, not sparing themselves, but there are no new finished products at the output. Moreover, often old products are better than new ones, and it is not clear why there is simply no way to make improvements that are simple and understandable to everyone! The buyer has to dodge somehow, and finish it himself. It even begins to seem that the manufacturer does not understand the buyer at all, and seeks to slip goods of obviously worse quality to him, but equipped with a lot of unnecessary functionality. As a result, it becomes unclear what the population of an entire developed country, which once occupied the forefront in some area, is doing all the time. And very concentrated. This country seems to be working idle, not releasing anything new, and gradually losing market position. It can be assumed that in this case the country is entirely occupied with struggling with its own difficulties that it has created for itself.

As a result, all money is gradually concentrated in a few people, the middle class is constantly declining. The division between the poor and the rich is growing, which is becoming deeper and deeper. In this case, one gets everything, the other nothing. But the economy as if does not notice it, and works as if the population is entirely composed of wealthy people.

Medicine does not know how to cure a patient. Millions of doctors are sitting just like that, and are completely not interested in the results of treatment. Their knowledge is superficial, often such a doctor knows 1-3 simplest methods, then he comes to a complete standstill. This medicine is striking in its incompetence, often on the Internet you can find much more information than when visiting the most expensive clinic. It is especially difficult for such medicine to treat complex and chronic diseases, it is designed only for the simplest and most obvious cases. New drugs are either not available, or weaker than the old ones, and sometimes do not work at all.

Widespread envy. It seems to everyone that they are surrounded by those who have achieved success. These lucky people have no idea where they have money from or success with women. And everyone begins to envy each other. No one ever talks about the real state of things, about difficulties, debts, everyone is rich in a poor country, everyone is just so lucky in it. And everyone is jealous. The media only fuel this envy, forming a false idea of the state of things. As a result, most people hate and envy each other.

No real friends. No one wants to date. Everyone immediately busy with incomprehensible what. There is no way to allocate time for you. It is also characteristic that those whom you represented as your friends are actually not at all ready to help you in anything. It annoys them when you talk about your problems. And they absolutely do not want to take part in them. One of the main signs of such a war is the loneliness of intellectuals. They often have no one to even talk to.


Films, books, series, television programs are becoming more and more stupid and boring, drawn out from time to time. Comedies don't seem funny. They seem to be filmed for fools or for children. In general, everything becomes boring and even seems dead.

People do not want to have fun, party, meet, go on a visit. Each is locked as part of their daily communication.


The typical soldier in this war, against anticipation, is not at all a thief and not an embezzler, and not even a felon, but a smug fool. Having taken a certain position in the hierarchy of his own kind, he begins to cause difficulties in promoting any new ideas. Characteristic features of such a soldier are outright stupidity, almost on display, reluctance to listen to the opinion of the interlocutor, inability to notice obvious inconsistencies, persistence in the reluctance to understand what they explain to him, unfounded accusations against the opponent, obviously noticeable bias, demagoguery of reasoning, absurd character. Typically, having reached a dead end, which happens quite often, one begins to hate and take revenge. You can notice in advance the formed soldier by obvious hostility to the one who expresses criticism of something. One cannot criticize anything and say that something is bad. He begins to resent, sometimes unexpectedly. Often, such people are struggling to the last to support the idea that everything is going fine, despite even the obvious signs of an impending catastrophe. A similar type in the leaders is usually clearly visible and does not remain at the post for a long time, surprisingly, quite often after his removal from the post, another soldier with the same character traits takes this position. These are soldiers of eternity who sincerely fight for outer space.

The next step in the degradation produced by the mechanism is a kamikaze soldier. Occupying a responsible post, for example, a director, he, to the surprise of many, seems to be beginning to do everything to ruin his own business, often to the detriment of himself. Having made destruction, for example, having ruined his own company, and having lost his post, he often gets sick from this and even dies. A self-righteous and stupid person easily allows decisions that are contrary to logic and common sense formed by a genetic enemy to pass through his mind; he does not have self-criticism. And he will uphold them to the last, considering them the only correct ones, inventing thousands of arguments so as not to do something, not to miss something, or to destroy something. In this, it is most convenient for a enemy to spoil everything everywhere. So the future idiot is formed, becoming a kamikaze.

There is an assumption that at the initial stage the mechanism helps the future soldier, pushing him forward, giving strength, motivation, decisiveness, the desire for risk. Intuition helps such people at this moment. Having taken the required position, for example, a leadership post, a person is changing before his eyes, becoming stubborn, conservative, rejecting innovation, striving to remove more intelligent competitors, that is, he becomes a soldier. Accustomed to relying on intuition, which suddenly begins to interfere, such a soldier can begin to deliberately ruin everything, and this will seem right to him. He will find a thousand justifications for himself and others, why he ruined and closed everything.

On the contrary, intuition often lies to intellectuals, interferes with thinking and making decisions, leads aside, overwhelms with groundless fears. Therefore, they gradually find themselves at the bottom of the pyramid of power, and often with despair they watch how fools destroy and slow everything down, not being able to stop them. At a certain stage, the intellectual is faced with the fact that he is physically weaker than dumb opponents, cannot stand up for himself, he is always alone, cannot unite with anyone, and opponents easily find friends and there are always more of them. He is not only weaker, but also sick, sees poorly, is afraid to repulse a stronger opponent, and therefore loses.

An increase in the number of such participants in the management of the economy inevitably leads to a reduction in the number of competitors, they simply go broke and leave themselves, for reasons incomprehensible, and the remaining ones, most likely from self-defense, are trying to become as large as possible by building long hierarchies of performers. After this comes a static state, which is unable to quickly respond to changes, introduce innovative and revolutionary solutions, and often significantly reduce the quality of products. Often this condition is called stasis, which usually hides internal rot and stagnation.

The extreme degree of degradation, presumably produced by this apparatus, is a complete idiot. He is losing his scientific, technical and cultural interests, is beginning to get carried away exclusively by mundane things, for example, his garden plot. As a result, after some time, he can’t even figure out simple things, which is surprising to others. He constantly needs help in case of handling something complicated, for example, with a computer or smartphone. One of the possible signs of the onset of degradation of this kind is cowardice, fear, which appears, it seems, in simple situations, a desire to avoid solving any problems. At the end of the journey, such a degenerate seems to be losing all its interests, and as if living in its own parallel world.


Among spirits, there are signs of varying degrees of military influence on the consciousness of the person himself, which is produced by the enemy.

"Removed" seems to be an intelligent person, creative. In fact, he talks a lot, usually about nothing, often he is boring. Moreover, it often makes no sense to tell him something, which is something new for him. He either does not want to know this, or pretends that he understands, but in reality it turns out that he does not realize it. That is, his consciousness is almost completely under the control of a hostile mechanism. Such a person is not able to make decisions independently.

Estimatedly, 80% of women in modern developed civilization are "removed". They seem interesting and beautiful, not stupid, but they are not interested in either the man or even the relationship with him. They don't seem to care. Intimate relationships are uninteresting to them and do not bring pleasure. These women can talk about something for a very long time, but never about anything significant. Mostly they are carried away by some nonsense. They are often considered frivolous, but they are not able to enjoy the most necessary things for a full life, such as love, sex, relationships. Serious relationships in such a woman are possible only with a certain man, he is called "chosen". The rest can’t do anything, even just be friends. If a young man cannot find a girlfriend for a serious relationship, then all the women around him are "removed", which is one of the signs of an invisible war. In fact, they only carry out the commands of the combat mechanism. Therefore, such women like the naked ass of a man, but they do not like the naked man himself, she does not like sex, and rejects the man who loves her. Everything in it is based on deliberately wrong decisions imposed on it by the enemy.

A "managed" person is essentially a soldier of military suppression. Most of them. His consciousness is completely subordinated to the movements of the combat mechanism. He only partially thinks independently. It seems that he lives his own parallel life. He is most often indifferent to the typical problems of others, the problems of society and the economy. He seems to be sliding by. Differs in the inability to understand the critical importance of the information communicated to him, gets off with duty attention. It seems that he is very busy, he works all the time, but at the same time he either produces very complex things that are inaccessible to the easy understanding of other ordinary people, or he simply does all sorts of nonsense. Literary works from the "managed" most often seem ridiculous grotesque fantasies, while rather boring. The “managed” are also distinguished by their incredible fertility, filling the market with little interesting consumer goods of low artistic merit. Many "managed" people love to inflict moral harm on other people, and easily become trolls on the Internet. This is often why a person who has made a breakthrough in something, a discovery, who has found a problem that requires an immediate community response, cannot find support and understanding anywhere. Everywhere he meets the "Semmelweiss reflex" from the "managed".

A "chosen" man must provide such a woman with a "preset". During an invisible war, this is difficult to achieve or unattainable at all. In a woman, the "preset" is usually expensive cars, expensive apartments, rich mansions, a beautiful life. What she can brag about to her friends. Therefore, she does not want sex with a man, it is very difficult to achieve this from her. She just does not understand why she needs it. And she does not know how to enjoy it. For a man in this case, the "preset" is usually the woman’s long beautiful legs and magnificent breasts, something that he really does not need at all. If the "chosen" man does not provide the woman with the "preset", it becomes "enviable" for her. And the woman, ruining the man’s nerves, throws him. Then she again searches for the "chosen" and he must again provide her with this "enviable", otherwise she will leave him too. In this case, sex, family and children are of little interest to her. In addition, such a woman strives for this "preset" all her life, especially if she has become "enviable" for her. Therefore, no one coincides in an intimate life. And millions of unhappy people who have not found their happiness.

"Dismissed" is a person who constantly changes his place of work, does not stay anywhere, and often does not fulfill his duties. It simply ignores them. "Busy" is a person who seems to be surrounded all the time immersed in some important work, so it is impossible to reach him. He is always absent, does not come to parties or to visit. But often then it turns out that in the end he did not achieve anything significant.

"Dead" is a person in whom his personality is practically absent, and he is just an application to a genetic enemy. He says the right things in appearance, but as if he does not realize them himself, and is often unable to understand the most basic things that are important to another. It is useless to try to explain something to him.

"Escaped" - this is a person who lives in a different, parallel world, and sometimes does not realize at all what is happening around and what he is told. He is practically not interested in anything. From the "dead" he differs only in that he tries to evade everything.

There are other similar terms, for example, "decisive", "moderate", but their exact meaning is unknown.

What designation was assigned to me when I was not yet attacked? I was "independent". This is a person who wants to make all decisions himself and develops independently. In this case, the mechanism attacks him all the time, and often makes his life unbearable. Since it never helps a person, he often finds himself not where he expected, because he does not understand the steps of the mechanism and does not coincide with them. Therefore, most often he is a failure.

There are still signs of a condition issued by the mechanism. This, for example, is "moderate", and "measured." He pronounces them himself. Their exact meaning is unknown.

If you find that your career is not being built in any way, that you are ignored or pushed out of the established system, then these are “managed”. They always build a hierarchical command-and-control scheme with multilevel subordination, and so they push out all those they dislike. The “managed” only seem to be people in the full sense, they are actually not completely people, and do not understand the benefits to themselves, and the benefits of society as a whole. Therefore, such a hierarchical structure always leads to collapse and decline, it slows down all progressive processes. There is no understanding or support in this system. Only their own people are admitted there, who are selected by the combat mechanism of the " managed " people according to their own resolution criteria. If you are too reasonable and independent in making decisions, you will be pushed out of this system, often despite the benefit of the participants themselves. Or they will ignore you.

The main sign of a hidden war is when there are a lot of people who seem to not even see that something is incorrectly organized, that somewhere there are significant mistakes, inconsistencies, obvious miscalculations, and they hate it when you notice it! This is usually "removed" people.

Can't see anything

You are an enemy of a hostile combat mechanism, and you must not be allowed to fix everything! We must run into stupidity and kick you out! Everything should fall apart and not work, and that’s it. He is made for this. Many have heard or repeat that people do not like those who tell the truth. Which seems to be illogical. Now you know that this is war, and you know why this is. And the one who does not like for the truth or harms in this case is an enemy soldier. Sometimes such soldiers join in groups, and attack in concert, on the one who is able to see and correct mistakes. Most often, a person does not expect this, because the attackers are his colleagues and friends with whom he even spent time together. He does not understand the reason for the attack, and even often then recalls with perplexity, why did they need to betray him? And sometimes he sees with surprise that they themselves as if they do not fully understand this. But he just still keeps some bridgehead from complete collapse. Sometimes, at the same time, it seems to him that absolutely everything is betraying him, and at the same time, and no one else can be trusted.

The purpose of this war is not to disable or destroy the population, material values, but to create endless difficulties of various kinds, to eliminate the potential for the rapid development of civilization. In fact, this is sabotage with the goal of weakening the population of a potential enemy from the inside. People who do not want to become voluntary accomplices of the enemy in this war, by their nature, are gradually being lost. They have an ongoing series of failures in their personal lives, careers, work, they think that everyone is biased towards them, women do not like them, no one wants to listen to them. Their struggle to ensure that everything works and develops, does not find support from anyone, it seems to them that there are only indifferent and idiots around. The enemy still presses on them from the inside, endlessly blames them for their failures, difficulties, inability to achieve a woman, inability to take a leading position or achieve a good salary. It prevents thinking, making decisions. And it gives the person deliberately wrong ideas, trying to create agitation, fears and panic. It causes chronic diseases that are difficult to treat. Including unhappy love, which often occurs completely unexpectedly. It creates depression from the fact that he does not have a woman, even when she is, and the illusion that she did not exist, although she was, and not even alone. The result is longing, resentment, depression, fatigue, disgust, a sense of futility of efforts. Therefore, people who can still rectify the situation give up, refuse to fight, go to another job from resentment, or go somewhere else, are left alone and die early. After giving up the struggle of all such people, the situation with the collapse of a developed economy and society often becomes an avalanche. A fatal outcome occurs, then, sometimes, situation straightens briefly.

The complication of relations between the sexes to the limit in the conditions of an uninterrupted invisible war can lead to the weakening and even complete disappearance of a developed nation. In this case, no one will understand the reasons for what is happening. These events occur gradually over a relatively long period of time. It seems to everyone that for natural reasons. So in the past, developed civilizations disappeared without a trace.

As a rule, in case of serious danger, for example, during a real war, or high overvoltage, if the mechanism was not particularly active, it does not interfere, and allows you to get out of it and maintain a steady movement towards development for some time, which after some time inevitably begins to slow down as soon as a calm period begins, and he again begins to work actively.


Although its owners are not here.