You are forbidden!

So, remember what kind of person you were born. Let me guess. Did you want the world to be beautiful? So that stupid gopniks do not pester you on the street, and do not interfere with playing? Then you wanted to study at school, at college. Be strong, agile and healthy. You wanted your friends, girlfriends, your girlfriend. To have a love relationship, friendship, meeting. A happy marriage, a family that does not fall apart.

A happy family

And for some reason this is obtained by a few, but not by you. Then you wanted you to have a good interesting job where everyone would appreciate your efforts. Good salary, fair relations. For your company to grow, and your efforts will lead to a fair growth in your career. So that your state is strong, scientifically and technically developed. To continue the progress of civilization, and constantly bring technical innovations. Or would you like spaceships to reach the nearest stars? And finally, would you like to live to a very old age, while maintaining clarity of thinking?


You can’t be like that. It is impossible to think clearly, to come up with interesting technical innovations, to make discoveries. You can’t love a woman, she will not appreciate it. You can not believe in a family, it can easily fall apart. You can’t do sex either. It seems that no one forbids, but it is insanely difficult to achieve this. And in general, nothing is impossible! Not because it is forbidden, but because it is not necessary for a strange reason. You can be a fool. Even better, an idiot. Everything is also forbidden, but you will no longer suffer from it.

Did you want to live happily? Make life better? For yourself and everyone else? But as a result, you do something, and no one appreciates this, and moreover, they interfere with you. Including your close relatives, wife. You want to achieve a career, but nothing works out for you. In place of the boss put the one who often does not deserve it. You create something, but they don’t value it, throw it away and forget it. You want to do everything well and efficiently, but you need to faster and sloppy. Then you yourself come across something that is vital for you, but it does not work, it broke, it hangs. Nobody cares, and nobody needs you.

Nobody needs you

Nobody cares that everything goes well. You wanted a happy love, but your beloved did not answer or abandoned you. You wanted a happy family, and your wife left, taking the children and half of your property, for which you paid. Surely, it was at that moment when it was most difficult for you, and you most needed her support. And she left you and does not regret it. And she doesn’t care. Moreover, she will demonstrate that you are no longer needed. And you can't do anything about it. You finally just wanted to go somewhere, but here someone stood in your way, or he walks in the middle of your road, barely moving his legs. You were in a hurry, and everything around you is moving extremely slowly, like in a dream. Finally, it sometimes begins to seem to you that the whole universe is interfering with your plans.


It is built into everyone, looks with the same eyes, and hates. He hates everyone, because he is made like that. He is ready to ruin the life of a person in order to slightly harm someone. He is infinitely dumb. Most of all, he resembles a street gopnik. Surely you know these or have come across. He just has nothing to do and he pesters, wants to humiliate you, beat you, take away things and money. Just. This is funny to him. There are always more gopniks, and they are stronger. This enemy is the same. A typical criminal in character. He wants to make you ill and hurt just like that, no why. In fact, he is a stupid sadist. He likes when people feel bad, he is made that way. He just bothers everyone with everything, he needs to ensure that no one ever succeeds in anything. So you didn’t have time, you didn’t manage, left to be offended, and then died of despair. He doesn’t give a damn about it, he just performed his task.

When you are 35 years old, he will begin to fight with your consciousness, if you yourself had not become a fool by that time. It is impossible to make friends with him, he wants only one thing, so that you stop thinking clearly and begin to degrade. So that you slip to the one who knows nothing and does not know how, who makes stupid mistakes all the time. And therefore interferes with others. He is made for this. Do you think degrading is fun? No! It's just getting dumb and less able to.


But you forgot the main thing.


When you suffer from external causes, it turns off. If for some reason you are happy with life and happy, ready to go to your achievements, like the others around you, it will begin to interfere with everything, making you unhappy. He is a real sadist. This is not important for him, he defines the need to work actively.

But there are those who always get everything. They can. You don’t understand how they deserve it, but you don’t? And they are just morally worse than you. Sometimes it’s worse in everything. You should be offended and enviable. Until the end of life. You must envy and hate, this is one of the tasks of this enemy. Everyone should envy and hate each other.

And those whom he does not touch do not have to suffer, as you do. Such a lucky person in the vocabulary of spirits is called "nominal". They are lucky in everything and always, as if they immediately know where to be and what to do in order to succeed in everything. They are his chosen ones, who are destined for a happy life, only because he assigned them a special place in that world, which should continuously fall apart. They will also have everything, but you will have nothing. And you will not understand why. The enemy so decided according to some of its criteria for the collapse of everything. He is not interested, he just works.

Does it still surprise you that all around you can’t get out of simple problems? Either the crisis, or the collapse of the economy again, then the decline somewhere, and all the time it seems that the good was once, but not for long, and for some reason leaves?


Just humanity does not know about it. It is specially made so that no one ever guesses about it, and is possible only if no one suspects it. And did you sincerely think that you live in peacetime?

You can run away now, hide, try to forget all this. To consider all this nonsense, fiction. But war will catch you. She catches up with everyone. At the same time, at the end of degradation, it most often passes into the real one, with weapons that can now simply destroy us all. This enemy cannot calm down until it all collapses. He's stupid and he doesn't care. In this case, usually at the end of the collapse no one can stop anything. It will be like a chain reaction or terminal cancer.

And the sweetest thing! Then those who are not friends with the law will come. There will be more of them, and they will not care. They will begin to take everything from you, beat you, so that you work for them faster, like a slave, and scoff at you. They like it.


And you will not be able to resist them, because you are physically weaker and you cannot unite with anyone against them, everyone immediately runs away. You were made so inside, weak and cowardly, a nerd so that you always lose to dirty freaks!

But did you imagine your future to others? You didn’t expect that everything everywhere will start to take shape in no way? That everything around will become infinitely complex, dull, boring, even gloomy? Are you still worried that the world is always unfair, where are the winners for those who do not deserve it? You're so strange.


I thought with my own head, compared, and so figured it out. You can too if you want. This enemy is not designed for when all people know about it.