Who are the spirits

The superstitions of our distant ancestors inhabited the entire surrounding world with "spirits". They lived in trees, water, stones. A specially trained person, a shaman, was appointed to communicate with them. He became a medium for communication with the other world. Later superstitions divided the spirits into evil and good, which, respectively, harmed people or helped.

Evil spirit

Currently, there is a superstition that there are "domestic spirits" that surround a person, and then "the other world", where evil and good incorporeal creatures of varying degrees of power live, which can both help and harm people. "Home perfume" must help by definition, and they can find out something about your fate, personal life and even find out a forecast for the future. Sometimes evil spirits enter the body, and then a person becomes obsessed. They can be driven out with the help of special ceremonies, which the shaman used to do, knocking on a ritual tambourine. Now the only available method of communicating with spirits is spiritualism. As we mentioned in the last chapter, spiritualism is scientifically explained by psychic automatism and an ideomotor act.

But in the literature of the 19th and early 20th centuries, strange things can be read. Entire spiritualistic societies arose that communicated with spirits, almost on a professional level. Moreover, the sessions are described during which ideomotor acts informed mediums quite complex things. All this can be considered falsification. But quite famous people were seriously carried away by spiritualism. For example, writer Arthur Conan-Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes Notes. It is difficult to find this respected gentleman as a distributor of fakes. Emanuel Swedenborg’s earlier experience of “contacts of the third kind” is also known, who honestly admitted that he communicated with spirits, and based on this experience he wrote several books, in particular, the most famous “On Heaven, the Spirit World and Hell”. I will not comment on this work here, I will only point out that this man was at one time a famous scientist and theosophist who is difficult to suspect of primitive deception. Not everyone knows that the theory of the origin of species, known as Darwin's theory, was developed by him in collaboration with the naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace. The latter was made aware that there is a phenomenon of spiritualism that may cast doubt on its conclusions. And he decided to check it himself. And, it seems, he ran into a stump in this. As a result, he began to deny natural selection as the only driving force of evolution, and recognized the presence of spiritual rational power. Therefore, in the history of the creation of the theory of evolution, he is usually not mentioned as the founder. Here it can be noted that hardly an ideomotor act could make such an indelible impression on such a serious person. From all this, we can assume that in those days, researchers were faced with more complex phenomena than just mental automatism.

But what is everyone thinking now? Most people believe that nothing of the sort exists.

The rest believe that there is something bad, and it is better not to go there. But even the primitive attempts of spiritualistic sessions at the initial level show that in this way it is possible to obtain some more complex structured information than just “yes” or “no”. Moreover, from the history of the study of this phenomenon, when it was still popular, it is known that someone who appears to be a dead person comes into contact with a medium and can even report information about himself. For example, details of his life, address, name under which he lived. Moreover, most often, verification showed that they did not coincide with reality. The creators of fakes and charlatans then ruined the research. They began to conduct many fraudulent “sessions”, at which they were often exposed. Therefore, in general, the phenomenon was announced by contemporaries quackery. In pre-revolutionary Russia, the study of the phenomenon of spiritualism was entrusted to a commission led by Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev. He was very skeptical of the phenomenon, so he successfully “exposed” it. As you might guess, not particularly deeply understanding.

Spiritism reached its peak in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, when alchemists took up it. They even studied the language of "spirits", compiled dictionaries, tried to understand the meaning of what was told to them "from above".


As a result, a lot of completely incomprehensible instructions, recipes, texts, drawings, some of which are encrypted, have an allegorical character. Therefore, we can conclude that none of those who studied this phenomenon at that time found in it either real answers or recipes suitable for embodiment. Again, some nonsense. But they were learning something! Not an empty place. Where did this information come from? They all have one common quality, as if they were not intended for our world, but taken from some other. In our reality, they simply do not work.

One of the interesting phenomena of spiritualism is the receipt in the 20th century by an Indian medium, by means of automatic writing, of a description of the ancient aircraft "vimaana". Based on this, the work of Vaimanika Shastra was published. It provides a detailed description of aircraft with drawings.


This device has one significant problem: it cannot work here. Engineers from the Indian National Institute came to the conclusion that vimans cannot fly, and are the result of ignorant fabrications. Again, some nonsense! Does this mean that the Indian medium prepared the falsification? May be. But most likely, he really got this information from somewhere. And in this case, the ideomotor act informed him not only complex engineering information, but also helped to draw up the drawings.

If the "spirits" make predictions of the future, then most often they do not come true. Sometimes, completely according to probability theory. Now, they report from the astral, this will happen tomorrow, today, right now, but in the end nothing happens. From this, many mystics have made the completely incorrect conclusion that we simply do not understand them, and "tomorrow", for example, actually means "north".

Everything as a whole allows us to conclude that, with the help of spiritualism, one can get not only simple information, but also more complex information, including pseudo-scientific and technical information. After all, is someone coming up with it? At the same time, it seems to be some otherworldly being, the soul of a deceased person, and supposedly many different contacts can come into their contact. And each time the information thus obtained is not applicable in real life. What is this phenomenon? It turns out interesting ideomotor act, which is capable of such complex fantasies! Moreover, he is lying all the time. Endless deception, in communication with some invisible interlocutors, intelligent enough to compose complex technical products that are not really working. And who never tell the truth, who they are. And in general, they never tell the truth. So who are they? The conclusion is simple.


Therefore, they always lie about everything. However, they have direct contact with human consciousness, which allows the occurrence of phenomena of mental automatism. There are no friends among them. This is just an imposed illusion based on deception.