How consciousness works

So, we found out that human consciousness contains strange elements that are located where it is typically believed that "unconscious", that is, the chaos of primitive instincts, dwells. And they are relatively conscious, but in a strange way they are in a state of madness, appearing either to be non-existent characters who supposedly died, but then it turns out that they never lived, then aliens, then higher beings, while lying all the time, often inventing complex unusual things.

How can this be explained? Modern neurobiology believes that human consciousness consists of modules that exchange data through nerve nodes (hubs). Each module has certain functions, but their exact separation and location is not yet known. It can be concluded that spirits, angels, demons, gods, "voices in the head" are not illusions, as many mistakenly believe, they are separate independent modules of the brain. Moreover, what they "speak" to a person is just an illusion, in fact, it is an exchange of thoughts between modules through nodes, which are sometimes perceived as "voices".

So how does consciousness really work? Long-term observations made it possible to compose a hypothetical picture of the structure of human consciousness. It is very different from how people usually imagine.

The basic consciousness of a person, his personality, which he realizes as "I", consists of two or more modules, mainly located in the left hemisphere, which is implied by a left hemisphere orientation. One of them, more recognized as a personal self, is most likely responsible for logic. The second, closer to the back of the skull, is responsible for character traits and for speech. This is the "second person" of a person, or his "inner voice". When a person speaks to himself, he most often communicates with his “second personality,” who may have partially his independent opinion, but works in close conjunction with the first. At the same time, a person mentally asks himself questions, and answers himself with the same words in his voice. Most likely, the exchange through the node connecting these two modules is possible in only one direction. Or something is interfering with the reverse flow of information directly. All this makes up the man himself, his basic consciousness. It is likely that in some people in some cases more than two main personalities can form that switch over at different periods of time, within the framework of the “master-followers”. So it turns out the disease "multiple personality", if this mechanism is violated. Such switching in real life can affect the behavior and even the appearance of a person. Most likely, the owner himself does not notice that the leading personality is changing in his head.

When a person speaks to himself, he transfers information between the main modules of his consciousness directly. If he thinks about something silently, then often his conversation with himself is observed on the right. There is probably a communication module with the rest of the mind that is not available to him. At the same time, the thought that came from this inaccessible consciousness can be supplemented in this module, and it will be perceived by the person as his own. Therefore, a schizophrenic often speaks to himself, his inaccessible part of his consciousness does not function correctly, and it is difficult for him to use a communication module. If the rest of the person’s consciousness is not active at this moment, then an exchange of thoughts can be observed in the center of the head or even behind.

The rest of the human consciousness, usually considered to be the subconscious, or "unconscious", also consists of modules that are part of the "voiceless", or perform not quite understood functions. The second mostly includes those that are located mainly in the right hemisphere, at least the exchange of thoughts with them is felt on the right and behind on the right. Observations over 17 years suggest that these modules in the right hemisphere as a whole constitute a separate, completely independent “third person”, which has its own separate thinking and its own opinion, often not the same as the person who does not suspect about it. For a person, it is typically perceived as intuition. Often, intuition helps, but sometimes it only interferes, as happened in my case. In fact, this is like a "second person", constantly present in the same head.

The opportunity and a long observation period made it possible to more or less fully study the characteristics of this independent "second person". He is smart enough, but loves to pretend to be a fool. He doesn’t know who he is, but likes to introduce himself as different non-existent characters. Moreover, he is completely opposite in everything to what a person should ideally be. He is immoral, has no conscience, has no morality, constantly and in everything lies, moreover, he deliberately harms in all spheres of life. Regardless of this, the person himself can be honest in everything. If the person himself is stupid, the "neighbor" harms everyone around him. If the person himself is smart, then he harms this person, as happened in my case. In particular, he constantly fills life with various kinds of fears, insecurity, tries to mislead, slip his ideas, often ridiculous, most often wrong or to the detriment, to impose a general idea that is extremely difficult to implement, or practically impossible, it becomes obsessive or even an overvalued idea that is very difficult to get rid of. For example, what is needed more than anything in the world is a certain woman, and it is precisely that who, in principle, does not reciprocate. Or a very expensive car, apartment, career position. A person forgets everything else, and devotes all his strength to the realization of this idea. At the same time, his personal life suffers, the quality of the work performed, other things, he simply wastes time, which could be spent with greater benefit for civilization. Simply put, with the help of a person they harm other people if he is a fool, or they try to lead him astray, take him aside, slow down in various ways, if he is smart.

One of the ways to pressure a person from within, most often, he is intellectual, when it is necessary to interfere in his life, is the creation of artificial obstacles to him. His body becomes weak, painful, lacking the strength to realize his own ambitions. Myopia, inability to repulse hooligans, inability to achieve a sports physique are characteristic. Suddenly chronic diseases appear, it seems, out of nowhere. Moreover, they always arise unexpectedly, most often acutely, always difficult to treat or do not go at all, and it is about them that medicine has no idea why they arise and how to treat them. Simply put, doctors do not find anything serious and shrug. It is easy to assume that this is achieved by prolonged latent loosening of processes in a particular organ or group of organs. These diseases are most often not fatal, chronic, for example, such as allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, but significantly interfere with life and full work. The treatment takes a lot of time. Often they are characterized by the sign “I really want to, but no way,” that is, the body wants to do something, it is urgently needed, but it does not work out. What can also be considered a fundamentally impossible task. Moreover, stupid freaks, criminals, never have myopia, they are physically very strong, they always have a lot of energy, courage, perseverance, they are not afraid of anything. They usually have excellent health. This is the opposite of “nerds” and “gopniks”, the first ones always frail and wearing glasses, the second fast, strong and dexterous, but vicious and stupid. Therefore, it was always difficult for intellectuals and cultured people to break through in life, to occupy a dominant position.

Moreover, hatred from the "neighbor" is not felt. He is so arranged. If the "second person" is angry, which happens sometimes, especially when he doesn’t succeed, he makes you want to harm yourself, for example, cut with a knife. In general, by his character he most resembles a mentally ill maniac, with the tendencies of a terrorist, for example, a martyr. He does not have feelings of self-preservation, or is in its infancy. With a serious mental disorder, this "third person", most likely, can act as a "voice in the head", already becoming an enemy to the patient’s main consciousness, which is only partially preserved. And urge to commit suicide, kill their close relatives, commit a terrorist attack, etc. This is easily explained by his antagonistic attitude to everything in a person’s life, in other words, by nature he hates everything around him and man himself. Another interesting feature of this "parallel" consciousness is that it believes that it does good when it actually does something bad, which is atypical for the psychology of most people, but sometimes characteristic of a madman.

So, we will analyze the structure of consciousness in more detail. It supposedly consists of several core modules. Their exact total number may be large.

Human consciousness
  1. The main personality. Logical thinking.
  2. Second person. Willpower, character traits.
  3. The executive module is the most studied, it reminds of something as a separate independent person, albeit with limited capabilities. It knows how to "talk", answer individual questions, although not all, has its own independent opinion, it may even begin to sincerely "swear" at something. Sometimes he shows signs of understanding the surrounding reality. He seems naive, but his consciousness is multiple, and naivety is just a disguise. Mainly engaged in the formation of fears, phobias, obsessions, sexual obsessions. Can palm off false thoughts or interfere with the main ones. Engaged in constant criticism, while in a man, he criticizes his woman, while in a woman, he criticizes her man. Compares with others, always chooses another sexual partner, emphasizing that he is better in something. Constantly annoying, indicating the flaws of everything around. These modes are switched at him, like cartridges in a revolver drum. There are several service modes, some of which are funny pseudo-personalities. Observations show that it has one of the modes in which it helps a person’s thinking, but then at an unexpected moment in time he can switch to another mode and begin to harm. This is "intuition". In fact, this is just nothing more than a technical device, and its rationality is nothing more than a disguise.
  4. The activation / inhibition module is unreasonable, and it feels like a monkey. It serves to restrain activity or vice versa, to give dull zeal, aggression. Presumably, it may contain the nerve nodes of chronic diseases formed, if any. In this case, the module becomes, as it were, "the other way around", which interferes with everything. Because of his reflexes, which he has the opposite to normal, he can lead to a sharp deterioration in the course of chronic diseases, and repeated attacks of acute disorders, including mental ones, such as psychosis and schizophrenia.
  5. The control module is an absolutely stupid biological mechanism that works according to fairly primitive algorithms. He supposedly activates the rest of the "second person" modules. Moreover, he is determined with utmost zeal to achieve his goal, no matter what, including his own resulting inoperability, inoperability of subordinate modules, which often go crazy, that a person is sick. Therefore, patients with schizophrenia are tormented by hallucinations, this is how the blunt mechanism works, which cannot achieve its goal in any way, and all the time it activates subordinate modules in turn, not realizing that they are working incorrectly. It seems that he does not understand at all what he is doing, so then he can never rectify the situation if he is at an impasse. He does not realize the importance for a person of the fact that he spoils it, and the possibility of finding it again later. Sometimes he speaks himself, and it is extremely monosyllabic, so that a person cannot understand, or can easily interpret incorrectly. For example, "you can’t do this", "riddle", "complete decision-making", while it is not clear what this means. In fact, these are his voiced commands, therefore they are incomprehensible to man. This is the genetic enemy of man. Therefore, he thinks that bad is good. And he seeks to make a person feel bad.
  6. The visualization module is able to create stable illusions in the head; it also seems to create hallucinations and pseudo-hallucinations in patients. In the disinformation mode of someone who accidentally begins to understand, he can work in the “TV” mode, forming pictures of “other worlds” in the visual center. Also, obviously, it forms fantastic nonsense with hallucinations in patients. Disinformation is built on a complex principle, like a narrative that unfolds gradually. Since there are no signs of it before and after work, there is a suspicion that it is being built by a fixed biological service program in one of the modules, it does not appear after completion. If a local problem arises, the program can be activated, forming bright color dreams in a person that look strange. For example, how someone invisible “helps” in something. The program never does anything harmful, but the frequent occurrence of vivid dreams indicates the presence of serious problems that it cannot fix. For example, schizophrenia develops. This symptom is noted by psychiatrists.
  7. Most likely, complex ideas, including mystical ones, are built in the formation module. Presumably, it also serves to determine the characteristics of the personality, with the aim of forming a configuration of counteraction. In principle, it can suggest useful ideas. Not studied.
  8. A module controlled by a service program is supposedly located in the frontal part of the brain. Not available for direct study.

As you can see, in the composition of consciousness there are a lot of any "equipment" with different, not always clear, purpose. I am simply surprised to read how it could be argued that the human genome has been fully investigated! Missed a very significant piece, responsible for the construction of all this equipment. However, in the current state of science, such fraud is not surprising.

An important feature of the modules that make up the "second person" (marked in red in the illustration), according to my observations, is the complete absence of useful and vital functions in them. Long-term monitoring of the modes of operation of this part of consciousness allows us to state with confidence that we can safely do without them. Even when they are completely disabled, like mine, all the basic functions of consciousness are preserved and allow you to live fully. In fact, most of the right hemisphere can be safely turned off, and this will only make it better. The consciousness of the "second person", when decomposed into the individual modules that make it up, turns out to be primitive, and it seems that only a small amount of time can function reasonably, as if being controlled by an embedded program.


The foregoing allows us to unequivocally say that a genetic enemy coexists in the minds of every person on Earth. His actions are corrected by a system of buffer modules, and he himself is complex in structure, his consciousness is composite. Therefore, it harms in a quiet way, its main mode of influence is to "whisper in your ear", palm off various ridiculous ideas, and also cause obsessive desires that lead away or work to the detriment. In patients with schizophrenia, a typical symptom is the dialogue of two "voices", one blames, the other defends. The accuser is the enemy, the defender is the "second person", which is the buffer. It is from the words of the "third person" that the "second person" writes down words and sentences in automatic writing. In the case of a multiple personality disorder, it is assumed that the main consciousness of a person is dependent or inactive, the "third person" dominates, who simply invents different types of characters for themselves, as roles in the theater. There can be an infinite number of them. It is also possible that in a chaotic manner the modules that make up the main person’s personality are switched, if there are several of them.

Everything described can be imagined as a biological mechanism built into the human mind that constantly interferes with the normal course of thinking. In fact, his device is organized on the principle of “everything is the opposite,” so no one could ever figure out what it is and how it works. In essence, this is a built-in craziness. A person with a consciousness distorted by this mechanism not only actively interferes with his life, but also the normal life of others. The most typical symptoms are stupidity, loss of interests that were in childhood, scarcity of interests, narrow thinking, inability to see clearly noticeable discrepancies in complex material, persistence in one’s mistakes, unwillingness to learn something new. Some nodes of this mechanism are partially reasonable, therefore, the illusion of "communicating with spirits", "dead", "other people", which actually does not exist, is always created. Presumably, this behavior is just a disguise. But in general, this is a single pseudo-personality that works in concert, according to a common algorithm. Possessing the usual positive logic, it is ultimately impossible to understand, because it is configured destructively.


Functioning in the consciousness of all people, it implicitly rearranges society on the contrary to normal human logic, according to a certain destruction algorithm, individual for each type of personality with which it coexists. The result is a "world on the contrary", which is falling apart all the time. Most likely, the mechanism is activated precisely at favorable intervals of time, based on the fact that a person is calm, satisfied with his life and happy. So there are crises in the economy and society, it seems, out of the blue, in conditions of maximum favor. Presumably, during a dangerous or negative period, the mechanism does not interfere with the person. With a severe malfunction of this mechanism, various disorders occur, the most typical of which is schizophrenia. The need to harm oneself, which is often found in schizophrenics, is a regular feature of this mechanism, which is especially acute in mentally ill patients.


Its main function is to make a person stupid and naive, to struggle with his thinking, to distort consciousness, creating different, but generally defined mental disorders. This happens gradually, imperceptibly for himself. At the same time, the enemy pushes obviously wrong decisions, making them fundamental. In fact, it is a developed inability to do certain things. This forms a lack of curiosity, an unwillingness to know anything, and other instinctive behavioral reactions that are contrary to normal logic. This is especially good for a weak-willed person. If he starts unexpectedly, then pushing the wrong decisions into an adult independent person is most often impossible. An enemy from this completely fails. But it is not possible to fully explain the process of degradation by this.

Degradation can be caused by latent forms of schizophrenia generated by this biological machine in the right hemisphere of the brain, as part of the battle to suppress intelligence. Another possible cause of degradation may be the fact that the intelligent elements of the mechanism, due to their multiple state, in the general consciousness of the enemy, fall ill with a severe mental disorder. And in general, they begin to degrade, dragging along the consciousness of the person himself. This may explain the extreme cruel nature of the enemy's behavior. Simply put, the enemy hates everyone, because he is mentally ill and he feels bad. Therefore, it can be assumed that most people suffer from latent forms of schizophrenia, unaware of it, which explains the degradation.


Simply put, it makes it difficult to think. Having made a person stupid, he begins to try to harm others around him. And he does it with startling persistence of a blunt mechanism. If a person cannot be made a fool, the enemy tries to make him weak and sick, harm his ideas, thinking, lead him astray, endow unnecessary obsessive ideas and fears, and slow down his plans. Smart people have been fighting him all his life with varying success.

In this case, the controlling part of the enemy is just a part of the brain, into which the reflexes of meanness are built. At the same time, she is completely unreasonable and unable to understand anything, but does something of her own. The rest of the enemy is partly sentient, but it is completely subordinate to this control part. In general, all this can be called a biological combat robot, but for people, a combat robot is something iron.

The beginning of its formation falls on early childhood, the age of 5-6 years. Even then, it begins to interfere. But the greatest period of activity falls on the age of 30-35 years, just when the "midlife crisis" occurs. It is at this moment that a person is characterized by a rethinking of his whole life, a reappraisal of values, as a rule, it seems to a person that he has achieved nothing, is worthless in life, he has never had happiness in personal relationships. He begins to suffer from depression, self-doubt, or vice versa, to make incredible efforts in trying to achieve impossible tasks. After this age, indifference, a decline in interests, the down-to-earthness of ideas are characteristic, primitiveness of thinking grows.

The most studied mode of operation of the mechanism is the pushing of the most unnecessary and opposite in meaning ideas. The formation on their basis of obsessive and overvalued ideas that have been pursuing a person for years. In this mode, the executive element forms the opposite idea to common sense, and its rational part should make it into something specific, acceptable to human consciousness. It must give this illusion of meaning. This is how the "conducting" of spirits is built. Often, as a result, the bearer of this idea comes to a complete standstill with a surprised face. This is the goal of this work.

I do not presume to fully describe the principles of operation of this mechanism. He is too complex and I showed only part of his abilities. It remains a mystery how personality degradation occurs. Presumably, in early childhood, the enemy interferes with becoming smart, and creates pleasant sensations if a person is not inclined to think deeply, that is, weakly uses his modules. If a person continues to grow smart, despite this, the mechanism develops into a specific configuration, which then prevents him. It depends on how he becomes. In other words, a person is pleased to degrade, and being smart is hard. At the same time, prejudice and unwillingness to know anything are products of such degeneration, which usually takes several forms. The most striking manifestation of the work of this mechanism is supposedly one of the fundamental principles of its work: to make a person take away what is most liked and what is most needed. Thus, the most necessary and seemingly obvious products of progress disappear. In particular, he removes sex at the same time, giving rise to mass hypocrisy, as a rejection of natural pleasure. But most likely, in this case, this is a side effect of his active work.

The main method of action of the mechanism is to put various obstacles in the life of smart people, and push fools up the hierarchy, which, because of this, becomes long. Fools are given activity, intuition helps them at this moment, and intuition interferes with smart people, it deceives them, they have various fears and concerns. Having occupied all key posts, fools push smart people out, winning by quantity, and build a command and administrative system that slows everything down and doesn't let anything through. Even if in these conditions civilization continues to evolve, the enemy starts a war. As a result, those who occupy important leadership positions turn into idiots, they intuition, which they used to be guided by, begins to harm them. Smart people are at the bottom of the pyramid, they are not given a passage and the opportunity to correct the situation. Sometimes everyone is biased towards such people. They also have endless difficulties and setbacks in life. The key feature of the idiot is that he does not understand why everything is needed at all. And does not miss anything at all under various pretexts. As a result, the state and economy become stiff, clumsy, lose their scientific and technological potential, cease to be advanced. The interests of most people focus on food, entertainment, personal household. Destructive tendencies lead to the fact that the state is falling apart or turning into an undeveloped agricultural economy, where smart people can never realize their makings. Sometimes, a state so developed in the past, trying to revive, goes through the collapse stage several times, and as a result disappears from the map forever.

This may explain the mystery of “karma,” that is, why some people in everything are always lucky, it seems, contrary to everything, while others are never lucky in anything. This consists of the actions of this mechanism, performing at this moment destructive tasks, and dividing people into compliance with these goals according to its internal rules, which are most often incomprehensible to others.

Of particular note is the functionality of this mechanism for using the human sexual instinct. It is he who forms the obligatoriness of man’s unnecessary from the point of view of evolution signs of a woman’s quality: a slender figure, regular facial features, long slender legs and a high magnificent bust. At the same time, they are extremely rare. Therefore, most often one of these features is particularly distinguished, attention is focused on it, the rest are “obscured" in order to hide the flaws. At the same time, a man initially forms an erroneous idea of the woman's role in his life and her attitude to him. Moreover, often the mechanism makes the man not ready for relations with such a woman. He is physically weak, cowardly, embarrassed, unable to establish contact with her and he does not have those signs that should distinguish him from others. At the same time, a passionate feeling, capturing him as a whole, appears in him mainly if he is rejected. Often a man is not ready for such a turn and suffers very much. As a result, an attempt to find happiness for himself in his personal life for a man turns into a pursuit of the pipe. In a woman, most likely, the mechanism distinguishes only men of a strictly defined type for passionate relationships. He rejects the rest. He makes women capricious, spoiled, indifferent. At the same time, he will distinguish by certain signs those men with whom intimate relationships are possible, if a strictly defined one is not found, as well as those who are allowed for purely friendly relations. The enemy rejects the rest immediately, before any relationship begins. These men are not allowed. If a man passionately falls in love with a woman, the enemy of the woman makes it so that she immediately cools and loses interest in him. As a result, almost no one is doing well. According to observations of the operation of this mechanism, an assumption arises that this situation is a serious mistake of the creators. They could not fully coordinate the work of the mechanism in two sexes of a person. As a result, the enemy is stupidly mistaken, and a person begins to fight with him, refusing to blindly trust his intuition. Therefore, the enemy cannot repeatedly issue the same impossible task for unhappy love, sometimes starting to openly fight with the person who does not want to believe in it.

At the same time, prolonged depression and suffering from unhappy love, the attacks of which return all the time, and this can last for years, arise due to the fact that the mechanism then tries to adjust the state of the control element, which is related to man. But in this situation of ultimate grief, no state is suitable. A man refuses everything and closes in himself, not letting the executive element to his consciousness. As a result, everything slides into a discussion of what has already happened. In this case, all states of the actuating element have worked out, and they inform the control element that they are not operational. And the mechanism starts again in a circle, reaching the same result. In this case, he needs to stop the work, but he does not know how, and as a result, he drives the executive element completely crazy, in its rational part. And the element begins to scream all the time that everything is bad. But the mechanism cannot switch it to a completely different mode in order to correct its mistake, because he himself does not understand it. For example, to find another woman for a man. The actuator itself must correct the situation, but it is not capable. The situation is hopeless. This is a mistake of the creators, as a result, human suffering lasts for years without any meaning.

In this case, the executive element, not finding a way out himself, tries in any way to keep the attention of the person who begins to push him away. Otherwise, the mechanism starts to switch it all the time, for him it means the threat of insanity. The mechanism tries to choose the execution mode so that it is related to the person, but the person cannot think of anything except his tragedy, therefore the executive element constantly raises this topic in his head, this topic is the only one that fits. Often, the element tries to cause pain and anger of a person towards himself in order to keep his attention, and he was not kicked out of consciousness. He may even plead guilty to everything and that he did it himself. He doesn't care what to talk about with a person, just to divert his attention to himself. Therefore, the tragedy of unhappy love does not go away for years. The mechanism reminds of this all the time.

It may seem very strange why, as a result, such deviations develop that a man always passionately wants sex, and it seems to him that a relationship with a woman is the main thing in his life, and a woman, on the contrary, becomes sexually cold, she does not want sex and relationships in general, not interested in the family and the birth of children. It was logical to assume that in order to eliminate an unnecessary nationality, it would be necessary to develop in both sexes an unwillingness to have sex and children. This is really hard to understand. It can be assumed that this happens because the biological machine described above, in the case of a struggle with an intelligent person, initially, starting from childhood, forms for him concepts opposite to those that should be laid down in his instincts. At the same time, individual gender characteristics that indicate the superiority of an individual of the opposite sex over competitors are exaggerated. An enemy promotes them intensively for almost the entire life of a person, creating, in fact, persistent mental disorders that are very difficult to treat. That is, healthy people should be the other way around: a man should be more interested in the world around him, and not in a woman and sex, and a woman should just strive to create a family and normal relations with a man, including to lure him into sex, which can sometimes be seen among primitive peoples where this enemy is not so active. Therefore, in developed cultural peoples it is so difficult to establish normal relations between the sexes, in this case the sexual instinct works in the opposite way to what it should be. Impassable dead ends are created and the population may die out for unknown reasons.

It must be clearly understood that invisible destructive activity can occur only if nothing is known about this enemy. Therefore, it is carefully camouflaged and has a sophisticated defense of lying against whoever tries to figure it out. It can cause significant harm to health, but is not designed for direct military action, cannot kill a person. It is intended to harm quietly when they are not suspected of it, therefore it is not able to fully realize that a person already knows about it, and becomes obvious in its actions.

It remains unclear on what principles the genetic enemy distinguishes those whom it considers to be enemies and whom it lets through. There is an assumption that "traps" are formed in the mind, these are modules that determine the future interests of a person. If from childhood a child shows inclinations that are characteristic of the most advanced representatives of mankind, then the enemy determines them in this way and begins to fight a person, otherwise it can even help for some time, using it for their own purposes. Presumably, the smarter and richer a person grows up as a person, the more interesting is the rational part of this mechanism to think, compose, invent with him. At the same time, the more active the mechanism in a reasonable part, together with the person, the more he harms him in everything. Accordingly, this is how he passes fools and moral freaks past him, because they are not interesting to him, only giving them the strength to harm others. Himself with such bored in one head, so he does not bother them to live.

This mechanism grows with a person, turning into a certain configuration that cannot be changed later. If he begins to harm a person and spoil his health, he will do this all his life. In the same way, the same obsessive and overvalued ideas will continue as one of the modes of operation, they cannot be abandoned and cannot be cured. It is useless to try to find justice in the psychology of this combat mechanism, it will not give any results. The only reliable way to deactivate the mechanism is to destroy it in parts, which requires a lot of patience and endurance, and can cause significant harm to health.

Presumably, all the problems with the described fighting mechanism occur due to the rapid intellectual development in childhood and young years. The intense workload at school and in higher education makes a person constantly push the mechanism out of consciousness, because it interferes. From this, he begins to malfunction and it is hard to make mistakes. In the end, he just goes crazy, because he is completely excluded from the work of consciousness, and begins to fight for his conscious activity, which causes people to have mental disorders of varying severity, which are massive in nature: mania, depression, obsessive and overvalued ideas, extravagance, etc. inappropriate behavior. As a result, the more developed and intelligent a community becomes, the more it suffers from bouts of madness. This destroys society from the inside, destroys the economy and gender relations, and irrevocably. A grave mistake of the developers of the mechanism, they most likely debugged it on human individuals who were not engaged in serious intellectual activity in childhood and adolescence, so the mechanism was not designed for this.

Most likely, the problems arising during the operation of this mechanism force it to intensify its work. For example, women begin to deny men sex more often, he makes men look after them more intensively. Women from this become spoiled, and refuse even more, which forces a man to make every effort to achieve reciprocity from her. From which she becomes more and more arrogant. And now there comes a moment when women and men cannot find a common language at all. From this, the mechanism turns into a psychopath, who literally attacks the mind of a man so that he finds a way to a woman, because there is no sex. And the woman in this case refuses all the time under any pretext. Each time, intensifying its work, the mechanism more and more spoils the human consciousness and prevents him from functioning normally. Thus, with the growth of problems created by it in other people, the mechanism accelerates itself and literally knocks on the consciousness so that a person can solve an insoluble problem. And this only makes it more and more difficult. In each subsequent generation passing through these problems, they cause more and more intensive work of the mechanism, because a person cannot find a solution himself. And so the mechanism spoils it faster and faster. Mass manifestations of insanity begin, which become more and more obvious. This can explain the gradual stepwise deterioration of the situation in literally everything that nothing can stop.

And finally, "cherry on the cake". This "fellow traveler" is located in the head, as it were towards the main consciousness, having the main rational module inaccessible to the consciousness of the person himself, and the switching module to the right behind the consciousness of the person, at least he is clearly felt there. In fact, it’s like a built-in second person, hitched to the right, back to front, as if specially built in from behind to "whisper in the ear". It is the opposite of what is needed for life. I had many hypotheses about how this could have happened as a result of evolution, and the answer is no way! Moreover, what is considered fantastic nonsense is most likely the work of a control mechanism that tries to stop the enemy if he develops excessive activity or does something completely wrong. In this case, the person is deceived, he is given a fantastic story, in which the majority believes. This is fantastic nonsense in the case of a serious disease, which is stimulated by the disease itself, and may not stop for a long time. Many of the ideas that people get as a result of this misinformation, and I received as a result of my session of fantastic visions, have no analogues on Earth, but as if they are talking about a completely different reality, a parallel dimension, another planet.


The genetic enemy built into this mechanism, and being its reasonable part, has interesting characteristics. He sincerely believes that by hurting a person, he does good to him. And he does not understand why a person does not want to accept pain, grief, suffering from him, because he does a good deed to him! At the same time, he does not hate a person, only sometimes he is annoyed that a person does not understand him and does not obey. So he leads humanity at the subconscious level. As I understand it, on Earth there are no analogues to such a creature. Therefore, most likely, a mentally ill person wants to harm himself, due to the increased activity of this module. Harming yourself for a genetic enemy is a blessing. That’s how his consciousness works.

Everything described could not have arisen independently, as the evolution of a unitary consciousness, part of which is completely antagonistic to the person himself. I examined many hypotheses about how this could happen by itself, and not one of them has developed into something specific.

Accordingly, I had a logical assumption that a person did not descend from primates as a result of natural evolution, but was formed from some ancestor by external influence. And at the same time they laid the enemy in him, as a limiter to the speed of development, so that there were no jerks forward. I simply do not have another version, the remaining hypotheses have not been confirmed.


He is "ghost" and is. "Ghosts" are only details of the enemy, relatively intelligent, but severely limited by their tasks. Ordinary professional military enemy controlled by a hostile mechanism. That is why they always lie, they are enemies to us all, they live in their own fictional reality that leads to destruction, not creation. In fact, they are doing the job of military oppression here. And useful functions are no longer performed. Indeed, this is an ordinary soldier-occupier. Therefore, for centuries people could not understand this "other world" and tried to find at least something positive in it. That is the whole truth about this phenomenon.


Of course, many more questions remained unanswered. And to find them, serious research is needed that one person can’t do. But with the current state of science, neuroscientists will still take it all apart for 100 years or more.