How to check it

You probably thought that I was another dreamer and a liar, and all this is fiction. Or just a mentally ill person who confidentially shares his hallucinations. In fact, all this can be checked if you have a desire and, most importantly, you are not a coward! I want to say right away that this may be unsafe for your health, this mechanism is very evil and stubborn, it will bother you for years and decades. It can be very scary. But he is much weaker than you, and he gets tired relatively quickly. Most likely, he cannot kill you, but he can try if you do not obey him. When you feel really bad, it turns off. Moreover, being reasonable, it can go crazy with what you know about its existence. It happened to me. It will beat itself to itself, destroying its own details, these are unpleasant sensations, but it is quite tolerable. Remember, you can defeat him! People are simply afraid, they do not have enough spirit and willpower to confront him in the head, but his hobby is to act suddenly and imperceptibly, in such a mode that you know about him and expect dirty tricks from him, he cannot function properly. Remember one more rule: the mechanism is very dumb. Having jumped from his settings, which evolved over the years in your neighborhood, he will not be able to stop. He begins to try to pull everything, and gives himself away entirely. This, of course, is harmful to your health, but remember how many researchers bravely studied dangerous bacteria, viruses, radiation, reached the North Pole and other continents. Were they scared? Yes! Sometimes they died. But they were interested in finding something that no one had yet seen. Of course, if you are already very chickened, then sit with this.

So, you are ready to start.

The easiest-looking way is to start communicating with him using spiritualism and automatic writing. In fact, this someone perfectly understands what you know about him, and with this method he simply won’t tell you anything of value! Or simply begins to prove with his stupidity that all this is nonsense, hee hee. So you can study him only if you know nothing about him, being naive. But you have the opportunity, to check it out, having convinced someone from your acquaintances for such a session, if he does not know anything about it, and you will not tell him anything in advance.

Another method involves constant self-monitoring. At the same time, you know that in your head there are modules that are under the control of a hostile mechanism that prevent you from thinking or slip in false, even harmful ideas. This should be felt in the head on the right and behind, there is a nerve connection node. If you suddenly suddenly want something, and very much, for example, buy an expensive thing, achieve a beautiful woman, or you suddenly feel envious, stop and basically do not do it. Out of a sense of contradiction. I won’t do it, that's all! I do not want this car, I do not want to fall in love with this woman. No need for constant thoughts about sex. After a while, the mechanism will begin to manifest itself explicitly; it is not designed for this mode.

Another fairly simple way. If you suddenly have thoughts that seem to you personally to be harmful advice, obsessions to do something that you can’t get rid of. For example, to spend a lot of money, to get into debt, it suddenly becomes something to the point of need, that it was just as if it was not interesting, or envy of someone, you can just imagine rotating pictures in your head right and back in your mind. There are nodes connecting hostile modules to your consciousness. For example, to unwind a long stick, or to draw something of your own there. You can mentally attack in the head to the right and back, as if you are trying to grab someone. And most importantly, you are clearly aware that this is not your whole idea, it is imposed on you by someone! The executive element at this moment is trying to think for himself, but he is stupid enough, so he may be frightened of such actions, and you will clearly feel him as something alien in your mind. Practice has shown that it is possible to feel sensitive points in the mind of a fellow traveler in this way, and thereby inflict significant pain on him. He especially does not like when an object slowly rotates behind and to the right. For example, you can imagine how the second hand moves on the dial, counting seconds one by one. You can easily understand at the same time which movement he especially does not like, having felt noticeable resistance. For example, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Perhaps the same effect can be exerted on the right closer to the middle of the head or to the right eye, if these centers are activated. The main sign is a tangible resistance to your mental constructions. At such moments, I use the method of imagination of moving figures of athletes, for example, engaged in dumbbell gymnastics, aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics. The main thing is that the movements of their arms and legs should be full, smooth, and slow, as in a real warm-up. If you feel resistance or the inability to freely carry out the movement, then you have reached a sensitive point. If you successfully capture the moment, during the greatest mental pressure that causes unwanted promptings, you can create significant difficulties and seriously weaken the imposition of unnecessary decisions and moods.

The third reliable way involves a complete rejection of thoughts about women and sex. You are a young or not very young heterosexual man, whom this question, of course, is still of interest. As soon as they appear, immediately push them away. Like a weight lifter. You won’t think about it, that's all. You do not want to think about women and sex, and you can not be forced to do anything. And so every day. You can even mentally start "screaming" in your head: "leave me alone with your sex!", "Go to hell with your women!", "I don’t want to think about women!". For this mechanism, thoughts about women and sex are the main way to influence the consciousness, it can begin to rage from your refusal. At first, most likely, you will feel noticeably confused in your mind. Then the mechanism will begin to pester, trying to return you, and with any nonsense that you most likely will not understand. If it was only a sexual instinct, then after a while he would begin to fill your thoughts with erotic fantasies and that’s all. In the most extreme form, symptoms of a mental disorder may begin.


In fact, you don’t have to do anything special, just keep track of your desires and motives, and block the imposed ones. The enemy will come out on his own.

You can come up with some more simple similar verification methods yourself. The task is to cause the enemy to lose synchronization with the main consciousness, then he begins to give out ideas that are easy to track as strangers. He has periods of activity and calm. It is easiest to notice during periods of activity. In the most critical case, the enemy goes crazy, having lost contact with the person, and completely betrays himself.

The foolishness of the enemy is that in his desire to impose a decision on a person, he cannot stop, and realizing that he does not react at all, he begins to make maximum efforts, so he gives himself away entirely. Most likely, you should be patient and wait for the period of its maximum activity.

The enemy does not perform any vital functions in the body, therefore, the basic consciousness of the person himself should not suffer even if he is completely out of order.


Well, you quarreled with him. Now he pesters constantly, and you clearly feel him, like something else in your head. Began to bother you, and specifically. A lie session may begin. They will try to tell you interesting things in appearance. Remember the simple rule: everything from there is a funny lie, no more. Do not believe anything that comes out of your head at all! Do not look at the pictures that appear in your mind, supposedly, from somewhere, do not listen to these stories about unknown worlds, all this is not true! This is just military misinformation to disguise the enemy, nothing more. There is no truth in it. It does not coincide with any real world at all. On the contrary, try to disengage from this, get rid, in the same way as before from thoughts about sex (above). Repel everything and shout in your head: "stop lying to me!"". After a while, the mechanism will understand that this does not work, and will turn off the lying mode.

The next stage is quite dangerous for your consciousness. It can mean crazy for you and a trip to a quiet house under the supervision of doctors. The attack always starts unexpectedly, and at first it seems to you that something important is about to be announced to you. Remember, they cannot tell you anything important from your head! This begins the mode of madness. You have to be careful, that's all. Some nonsense constantly creeps into your head, there may be screams and noise, but it’s just they who try to put your consciousness into an unstable mode of operation. The circus ends with some kind of uncertain state, and the voice begins to give you advice. You are in some kind of disaster, and he will help you get out. It is necessary to do this, then this. Never do anything! All this is nonsense. The more you coward and submit, the easier it is to drive you crazy. You need to do a simple thing: lie down, trying to suppress everything that happens in your head. You don't care what they try to impose on you. This is all untrue! Nothing special happens at this moment. Everything is as usual. You just got attacked, this is a military attack. To pass it normally, you just need to do nothing. If you find these symptoms somewhere unexpectedly, for example, at work, take a day off and go home. Try not to strain. Do something distracting. Watch a movie, for example. Do not pay any attention to what is happening in the head. If it makes it difficult to sleep, take sleeping pills or sedatives. Usually the next morning everything goes away by itself. Having done this several times, and realizing that this mode does not work, the mechanism will not use it, because it suffers from it itself.


You're at war, buddy, you just haven't figured it out yet. They attacked you!


Most people at that moment are immediately very scared, and run to the doctors. Or to church. This is mistake! Doctors do not have a clue about this, immediately make some terrible diagnosis, and begin to treat with pleasure, without knowing what, at random. It’s better not to get to them, not to make it so that a psychiatric ambulance arrives, and you will be taken to the hospital. Therefore, just be careful, now you know what you are facing, and soon you will realize that this is not a disease at all, as psychiatrists will convince you. Psychiatry most often resembles the police in some way, and puts you under arrest forcibly without court authorization, on the slightest suspicion, and some doctor decides this. It is often useless to protest. They can keep you there for months, in a normal state of consciousness, under fabricated pretexts, out of the fear that you will go out and harm someone. And the doctors do not care about your career, fate, reputation. Therefore, if you got there, then do not tell the doctors anything! They interpret everything that you say wrong, like your illness. And the fact that you will say that an enemy is sitting in your mind that is trying to drive you crazy is also your disease! This is nonsense and all that. It is often useless for them to try to explain something. You can argue with them, raising doubts about their competence, but not in the state when you are a prisoner. For a doctor, you are a patient by definition, you need to prove that you are sane. Take care of this. Do not talk about your symptoms, lie that everything is fine with you. You can be prescribed pills and injections, which are very harmful to your health, and begin to convince you that they must be taken all your life! And with a high probability, they will either not help at all, or they will slow down your entire consciousness to the state of a complete fool, then the enemy will fall behind, believing that you have already become a fool. Understand that before that you were healthy! And you started it all yourself! You are not sick! A disease, for example, real schizophrenia, begins on its own, gradually destroying the entire consciousness. There is a degradation of personality, loss of interests, inability to serve oneself. This is what real schizophrenia looks like! And so your consciousness is fully functioning, something just bothers you. The disease cannot begin from the fact that you imagined something in your head, you were holding in your hand some object, for example, a fountain pen, a frame and a spiritualistic pendulum. All this is a malfunction of the blunt hostile mechanism.

The extreme situation of such a study, with separation of consciousness from the enemy, is the complete impasse of this combat mechanism, which is completely crazy about what a person knows about it. In this case, he begins to carry out the same sequence of actions, while clearly identifying himself as a mechanism. These actions often seem silly and look like the craziness of that part of the head that is not occupied by the human mind. In this case, the person himself can experience only unpleasant sensations on the scalp, mild headaches and other unpleasant symptoms associated with the craziness of partially reasonable details of the mechanism. Often, from this they finally go crazy and begin to "talk loudly" and even fight among themselves. At the same time, the enemy cannot perform any operation in any way, because the person himself does not believe him and refuses to participate in it. And on this the mechanism stops, then begins to try to repeat the sequence of actions again and again. The problem of the described situation is that he cannot get out of this impasse by himself, forcing a person to constantly experience a number of unpleasant and even dangerous symptoms, a long period of time, which in an exceptional case can cause mental or physical malaise. You should be careful about such a development of events, at such a moment carefully monitor your health.

If the mechanism cannot give the person an impossible task, then it begins to coerce its partially intelligent elements, threatening them, and in the case of inability to cope, drives them crazy. If this torture fails, and the element still cannot cope, then the mechanism kills him. Moreover, using the killing of its element, in fact, like a bomb. A person can suffer from this and even get disability. Therefore, the situation in the world of "spirits" resembles a penal battalion in a war. Did not manage - they will kill you. At the same time, under the threat of insanity and murder, the element can make desperate efforts to impose on the person an unnecessary decision, often reaching to almost beg him with tears. In fact, "spirits" are suicide bombers. Therefore, starting such a study, you should be fully aware that you will encounter a real alien military mechanism for which your life does not mean anything, and most importantly for him, that you obey his tasks. You refuse to obey what is likely to happen inevitably when you understand what he requires of you, and as a result you may have serious problems with physical and mental health.

In fact, in this case you will have to face two soldiers, and the combat mechanism that controls them. One soldier is stronger, but more stupid, the second is much weaker. If you can’t lie, the soldier begins to impose his opinion. If this fails, he begins to fight. But this behavior is prohibited by the mechanism, he punishes the soldier for this. At the same time, he also punishes him for his inability to complete his task. As a result, the element can speak loudly in the head, while it speaks any unnecessary nonsense, can start screaming loudly, rattling, whistling, singing. Usually this is not understood, and the soldier wants to make the person perceive him, and not refuse immediately. As a result, if a person refuses everything, a soldier can go crazy himself. The mechanism still punishes him with insanity, which further worsens the situation. As a result, the soldier loses his mind and begins to pester and fight all the time, creating symptoms of a mental disorder, and can even cause physical ailments. If two soldiers fight at once, it is hard to bear. Moreover, such a fight can be accompanied by a story about something "interesting" or discussions about everyday problems of a person, moreover, by a neutral "voice".

Important! An enemy can only be deactivated in one way, if you completely ignore all attempts of the executive element to attract attention. In this case, if the person does not react in any way, the mechanism begins to constantly switch his pseudo-personalities, trying to choose the working mode, and from this the executive element can go completely crazy. Further, the performer begins to coward, yell angrily at the person in his head and even fight with his body, because he becomes insane, and thus tries to at least draw attention to himself, causing pain, anger, rage, an attempt to curse him or even hit back. If it is not possible to select the mode, the mechanism itself begins to remove the interfering parts of the executive element, including its pseudo-personality, because they begin to interfere with normal operation. It can be dangerous to health, but this is a war, we must clearly understand this. The worst thing for an executive element is that if a person does not need him entirely, and he is not able to divert attention to himself in any way, the person only shrugs it off. There is no need to hate the executive element, whatever he says, and there is no need to fight with him. It's useless. He is punished not for the fact that he did something bad to a person, he is built for this, but for the fact that he could not keep attention on himself. This state is called "guilt" of the spirit, while the spirit is just one of the pseudo-personalities of one executive element. One should not think that the spirit is guilty before a person for at least something, it is guilty because it did not cope with its task. So you can neutralize it, achieving a phased removal of parts of the actuator.

Therefore, the described phenomenon is not just a sexual instinct, as many probably might think.

And you also need to consider that in this case, you most likely will have no one to rely on except yourself. From doctors, relatives, friends, at best you will get misunderstanding and duty sympathy, no more.

As a result, a serious question arises. Is it worth it to study? And fight it? Maybe just quit and give up? People have lived for centuries, and live like that. Something like this. The answer is simple: it is a struggle for freedom from slavery. An alien occupier sits in your head, which bothers you in everything. I’ll tell you what it means to surrender to this mechanism. This is to become a complete fool. You must be afraid of everything. You have no right to try to achieve anything. More often than not, you should do nothing at all! You have no right to try to think, to invent something difficult, it is best to become a complete idiot. You must constantly think about women, become a sexy rabbit who secretly dreams of them, worries, suffers and tries to achieve a beautiful woman. Even in your very old age. And yet ... that means suffering! You must constantly suffer from your inability, from the fact that you have not achieved anything, he will blame you for everything! This is how surrender to an extremely stupid enemy looks like. You can’t do anything, and suffer! The inner concentration camp where he will put you. Not with pleasure, he does not know how to feel pleasure, he just works.

But could there be another outcome? When you weren’t scared. And you just realized that you are not sick, not obsessed with demons, and all this is a stupid mechanism, which is actually not very dangerous, it just interferes. It interferes in everything, interferes with life, interferes with being happy. And he can be defeated! When he realizes that he has lost, he begins to twitch. There are cramps in the head and on the skin, as if someone is crawling in the head, but no one is crawling, it's just muscle tension under the scalp and neck. Such symptoms, of course, will be interpreted by doctors as senestopathies, and they will begin to treat you. In fact, this enemy simply does not know what to do. Then he goes crazy, and it often looks so funny. At me he sometimes seems to be about to sneeze, then as if sneezing in his head, and then it feels like his roof has slid to the side. Indescribable feeling! You are healthy, and the enemy in your head is crazy! He also sometimes offers me to capitulate. Surrender just like that, and for me it's like a gift from him, good. Then he begins to try to tilt me, but in front of whom? There is no one in front of me. Come on, give up, bow down, but before whom? And, sometimes, calls in a whisper by name. This is the voice from the grave that still calls me back to where I got out of. Calls to die alive, and suffering. But I don’t want to go there. Maybe you want some?