Why no luck in love

Every man needs a woman. This is an axiom with rare exceptions. Remember how you dreamed about it in your youth. Surely you will meet her, the most beautiful girl in your life, and she will love you, then you will have a happy family, children will appear. But reality has slightly corrected these plans. Yes, there are strong athletic guys who have everything in their relationship with the girls as it should. But an ordinary intelligent guy with dreams of a girlfriend loving him is suddenly unlucky. That is, no luck at all. Yes, there are those who agree to meet with him, and even more, but he does not really like them. So-so. But with those who like, nothing adds up. Either they ignore him, or they meet only then to get something for themselves from him. And, of course, they do not like. But now, he finally meets the one he falls in love with. Sometimes it ends very badly, sometimes they have a relationship, but the end is almost always the same - she throws it. For a guy, this is usually a heavy psychological blow. Such pain sometimes lasts for years, and sometimes it does not go all his life, making it difficult to build a full-fledged relationship with another woman. It seems strange how it is that a woman does not appreciate the fact that she is loved. He is ready for anything for her, even to carry on his hands! But no, that’s not what is needed.

Not necessary

The situation turned out to be so egregious that a whole masculine movement arose, which began to seriously deal with it. They pulled out what biologists are silent about: the rudimentary influence of relations in the monkey hierarchy of our distant ancestors. This teaching was called ethology. It claims that the female always strives for the dominant male in the pack, which provides the best genes for the survival of her offspring. Therefore, a woman allegedly instinctively seeks such a type already in the hierarchy of people, choosing the most brutal. And because of the desire to become a leader and the abundance of female attention to himself, he just often ignores them. Therefore, the winning strategy is supposedly to ignore the interests of women, to impose their own, indifference and insensitive attitude towards her. But an ordinary guy naturally notes that no matter how much he ignores the girls, they still remain indifferent to him. No matter how he demonstrates his dominance skills, interest from this does not appear. Moreover, it is strange for him: if he is indifferent to her, then why would he need her? It comes to the point of absurdity, the guy does not pay attention to his passion, and she is not indifferent to him, until he himself begins to experience any serious feelings for her. And from this moment it seems to turn off, it does not matter to her. She either constantly annoys him, or even goes to another. It turns out a strange picture: in order to maintain a love relationship with a woman, you must not love her at all! Otherwise, she will leave. After a while, the guy realizes that everything is very complicated, and not at all as he imagined in his youth. Some even give up the desire to start a family, remain single. The rest, of course, get married. And in marriage, they often face an unpleasant surprise. A beautiful girl became a wife, and immediately changes. She becomes dissatisfied with her husband literally in everything. She is often simply impossible to please. A lot of gifts - bad, he failed the balance of significance, few - bad, did not give her due attention. You work a little, you devote all the time to it - it’s bad, you have to be promising and strive for success, improve yourself, you again failed to balance the significance. You work hard, make a career, build your own business - bad again, you completely forgot about it. In any of these scenarios, most often a woman abandons her man and leaves, and in a state of utter indifference. It is impossible to agree or make peace with her at this moment. Sometimes, much later, a woman gets in touch with her ex-man, and even tries to return, but only when he no longer needs it. Not earlier. And very rarely in this case, the relationship is fully restored. And the woman especially does not aspire to this.

From this we can conclude that a woman in the modern period does not generally seek to build long-term lasting relationships with a man. Moreover, those who have gone through a long life experience have the feeling that she does not seek relationships at all. Instead, the ideas of feminism begin to prevail, that a woman can do without a man, she does not need children, and she needs to love herself first. Fertility falls and families become short-lived, which often adversely affects the psyche of children living in single-parent families. But how is it that in undeveloped countries, it seems, with this, there are no problems at all? They live in miserable conditions, but the birth rate remains high, and families are stable. On the contrary, in the favorable conditions of developed countries, it is often impossible to get out of an infinitely complex personal relationship. Nothing seems stable. A man often does not want to marry at all, and the woman seems glad that she lives alone, sometimes with a child. Such a woman does not need anyone except herself.

Moreover, in order for a woman to fall in love and you can hold her back, you need to remain indifferent to her, and actually mock her, using her self-affection. You create a problematic relationship for her, then success. It turns out the opposite of how it should be. This is reminiscent of a kind of insanity, when most women act contrary to logic, common sense, often to the detriment of themselves, deliberately ignoring and losing good. On the contrary, everything in personal relationships is structured so that if you love someone, then he or she ignores you almost necessarily. This is usually explained by many different reasons in psychology, but the simplest explanation is: this is how an idiot behaves.

One could assume that everything depends on difficulties, but there is a well-known example, this is the decline in the birth rate in Russia in the 1990s. It began, contrary to popular belief, precisely in the relatively calm stable period of 1986-1987, back in the era of the USSR, and it was definitely not connected with the deterioration of the financial situation, it remained approximately the same as in 1984-1985, when it was birth rate rise. And it was precisely the deterioration of the situation that affected relations strictly negatively, birth rates fell to a minimum, relations and marriages fell apart, while, according to the African scenario, they should have strengthened. Many women during this period suddenly expressed a desire to pursue a career, build their own business, which they did not do before, and even claimed that they had been denied any happiness other than family happiness before. This greatly surprised men who did not expect this from them, and before this was not observed for them. On the contrary, in the USSR the female gender was always more protected and protected from hard work. As was written earlier, a clearly noticeable crisis is denoted both in the economy, in science, in gender relations, which occurred in the 1980s. After that, everything changed radically, relations became noticeably different. Many believe that the ideas of feminism are to blame, but in the USSR of 1986 there was no mention of the ideas of feminism, and it was formally considered that both sexes were equal in their rights. That is, again, everything turns out the opposite of how it should be.

You need to understand a simple thing: the fact that a woman does not know how to value love and care for herself, but values, on the contrary, problematic relationships for herself, this is not normal! The cat knows how to appreciate, the dog knows how, they are often so attached that they wait for the owner after his death, and they die of anguish themselves.


Even extremely stupid creatures such as rabbits and chickens can appreciate love and care for themselves. A woman does not know how to appreciate! She not only never appreciates this, but, on the contrary, punishes her for that, and moreover, she instinctively seeks to be hurt.

Those older ones have probably noticed more than once that a married woman doesn’t create a problem relationship all the time, she also constantly interferes with her man! As soon as you sit down and think about your problems, you are busy with something at work, digging into the computer, reading, and at that moment she just had urgent problems that you need to discuss right now. And moreover, she will never fall behind, no matter how much you ask her. Most often, such situations end in scandal. Whatever you are fond of, it will not be what she needs. You need to get involved in something else, and you are absolutely not interested in this. Scandals too. You want to meet friends, this is absolutely bad! Scandal. Often this is done not only by wives, but also by mothers. A man does not understand why she does this, and most often a woman cannot explain this herself.


Having aged, such women often begin to behave disgustingly. They bother everyone around. They drag along the huge stuffed carts, which beat passers-by in the legs, prevents them from passing, barely moving in the very middle. In a store or at the checkout, such an aged woman does everything extremely slowly. She stood on the aisle, examining the counter for a very long time, closing it with herself. She is confused, she has a lot of everything, she shifts everything for a very long time, delves into a wallet that she will never get in advance. And she seemed to give a damn about everyone. Everyone is waiting for her and angry. But she is old! Out of politeness, you have to wait for her. In fact, she is not old, she just instinctively hinders everyone. She gradually becomes such throughout her life. This is the result. Of course, all this is not a reason to hate older people, they are often often unable to adequately evaluate their own actions due to age, but such behavior is very annoying.

From all that is described here, a strange conclusion is drawn: a woman has now fundamentally become the opposite of what a man needs. Yes, and everything else, she became the opposite, too. As if the opposite is true, and there is no way to reconcile with her at all. Why do you think all this is happening?