Problems in the economy

You see them every day. All the time problems. The government endlessly takes measures to overcome the next crisis. You know, or remember, that once, back in the distant 1970s or 1980s, it was even good, and there was a boom in the economy, your country was a strong, great power. Then somehow ... Something began to happen. First stagnation for some reason, then everything became bad. And it got worse and worse. What happened after promised a lot, but in reality everything happened in a completely different way. Crime, corruption, embezzlement. A government that speaks a lot, different correct words, but in fact does nothing. Then it seemed to get better, stability came, but somewhere deep down you realize that this is all an illusion. Your country produces almost nothing, everything is imported from abroad. And if something is produced, then it almost entirely consists of imported parts. Or, in general, has a name familiar from childhood, but is released somewhere abroad. Maybe your country sometimes fights in local conflicts, but defeats only very weak opponents, otherwise it gets bogged down in the war, and begins to suffer heavy losses. You thought that your country's army is strong, and in the end you are surprised to understand that it is weak, armed with outdated weapons, and poorly trained. And new weapons are shown mainly at parades, and there are some strange problems with the mass introduction of these models all the time. It seems to be there, but ten years pass, then another ten, and you are surprised to find that they are still being tested. At the same time, you notice that the whole economy is striving for monopolization and the command and administrative system, although everyone knows that this is bad.

At first there are several competitors, sometimes even a lot of them, but over time, for some reason, there are fewer of them. It seems that for a strange reason they are losing interest, they are leaving this sector, they are selling the business. As a result, two or three almost monopolists remain, and their products become of average quality, and in reality they are produced somewhere in a third world country. No matter how many conversations there are, that this all harms the economy, that monopolists need to be fought, and the long hierarchy of officials generates a terrible bureaucracy and slows down everything, for a strange reason it turns out that they again exist and occupy a central place in the economy, while continuing to grow.

At the same time, you are surprised to notice that from year to year we drive the same cars, fly on almost the same planes as ten, twenty, thirty years ago. They only change a little externally, become equipped with electronics, which often do not understand what they are doing, or even lead to disasters. Remember the years 1940-50-60. First piston aircraft with propellers, then jet, then supersonic. It seemed that progress was moving rapidly. And then somehow ... Something ... At first there were four engines on civilian airliners, when one of them crashed, he could calmly continue the flight. And it was reliable. Then for some reason there were two of them. And on large planes, too, two. They are huge, but still two motors! They will tell you that this is to save fuel, there is still a lot of all kinds of electronics there. Alas, because of this, when one engine fails, the plane is forced to immediately go back, and this has become such a dangerous situation that pilots are given medals for such a feat! Still, such aircraft began to have a very small margin when entering off-design mode. Just a little, and they can get into a hopeless situation out of the blue. For this, a bunch of electronics has been installed to monitor this, which itself is already so complicated that it can cause a disaster. Trains run almost the same as 50 years ago. The wagons have become a bit more comfortable, and all the differences. Where are the super-modern expresses sweeping in pipelines with supersonic speeds? No. They talk a lot about this, again projects and ... nothing. We actually ride the same buses, trams and trolleybuses that 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago, they only became a little different. There was a lot of discussion about the engines of the future, hydrogen, electric. The output is practically nothing. Electric cars have appeared, but there are very few of them, they are expensive and complicated to operate, it is difficult to charge them. Toys for the rich. You can sometimes out of curiosity see futuristic pictures of the future, where trains raced through tunnels with a magnetic and air cushion. And the planes flew everywhere and at supersonic speeds, moreover, they could also go immediately beyond the atmosphere into space.

City of the future

What happened to this future? Why didn’t it come? Where is the promised artificial intelligence superior to human, where are the robots that replace humans in everything? They promise us, but they all are not. Where are breakthrough nano-technologies ready to turn the whole world upside down? Why is it all the time impassable difficulties, and everything looks the same as before? And even worse. Weaker, not so durable, flimsy, breaks quickly, constantly requires repair and replacement of parts? The most critical structural elements are often made of very flimsy materials, as if counting on breaking right away? I will tell you a secret. This is a regression that began in the 1970s of the last century, at first with stagnation in the 1980s, when new projects began, but did not reach implementation, they were thrown. Others began, and also threw. Tried to start abandoned again, and nothing. The recession began in the 1990s, and since then the series of crises has not stopped. It seems that the economy everywhere has become so weak that just a little, and begins to fall on its side. This condition is called decline.

If you look closely, but you may be surprised to see that they just can’t finish what seems most necessary and obvious. They throw him all the time. They can’t reach the end. Many times trying to do, and nothing. Leaders change all the time, and again the same thing. As a result, everyone forgets that they were expecting this at all. Even more interesting: what seems beautiful and convenient, suddenly, for some reason, is replaced by something extremely complex, artfully twisted, filled with errors, and it becomes completely inconvenient to use it. It seems that something happened to the manufacturer in the minds of the developers, and they tried to make it as difficult and inconvenient for you as possible. Sometimes it seems that the manufacturer specifically tries so that no one buys his products. You will suddenly be surprised to learn that there are analogues created by amateurs, which are much simpler, more logical and more convenient than what is done by eminent business people.

In the past, well-known companies that were famous for the quality of their products suddenly begin to hand over for no apparent reason. All less quality products made in the middle of nowhere, unknown by whom. Then you will be surprised to learn that part of this company no longer belongs to her, and then all of it no longer belongs to herself, only the sign used by unnamed manufacturers remains. And anyway, you don’t even have any idea who developed and produced the product you bought. It is as if they are trying to deceive you by passing off an article made by an unknown person as a well-known manufacturer’s product. Does that sound normal to you? Or is there something completely wrong? What becomes of them, with this famous manufacturers of great things in the past, who made us happy? People began to buy less? Less interested in product quality? Or what?

But that's not all! Entire developed countries, which in the past were the personification of scientific and technological progress, suddenly seem to lose interest in this. Their goods are gradually disappearing from the shelves, becoming less and less high-quality, and in the past eminent companies were suddenly sold to new owners abroad. The economy of these countries begins to turn in what is called stagnation, and gradually leaves the ranks of the advanced. It was as if someone had broken it from the inside, and there no one was interested in being the first in the world, seizing markets, or pushing out competitors. The shark of capitalism suddenly turns right before our eyes into a half-dead crucian. A new favorite breaks ahead, but after a while the same thing begins to happen to him in a strange way. It produces something, this country is a former leader, but less and less confident.

As if something is constantly hindering them all, but what?