From the author

At the moment, I feel like a cross between Copernicus and Levenguk. Surprisingly, this is nothing special. Copernicus noticed some inconsistencies in the calculations, after that all knowledge about the universe around us changed radically. Of course, now is not the time when scientists are persecuted for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, but I can imagine what a stream of hatred will fall upon this publication, if it is presented in an explicit form to the public. But Copernicus had at least a faithful student who believed in the teacher and spread this knowledge. I have no one. Maybe, of course, I'm wrong in something, this area has not been investigated at all. But after all, Copernicus was also wrong at first, he believed that the stars were rigidly fixed on spheres that revolve around the Sun. But he gave a powerful impetus to understanding the real structure of our world. For Levenguk, the situation was a little different. He discovered some microscopic creatures that no one had seen before him, and showed it to everyone, including the Russian Tsar Peter I. But this was not particularly interesting to anyone. Then, for 150 years, no one assumed that this could be a source of terrible diseases. Everyone continued to hurt and die. Tsar Peter I was dying in terrible agony from a urinary tract infection, and he screamed in pain so loudly that he was heard by passers-by on the street. But because everyone did not care. Only with the discoveries of Pasteur and Koch at the end of the 19th century was it finally possible to find a source of epidemics and contagious diseases. But at least they listened to Levenguk! He turned to the Academy of Sciences, and there they read what he wrote. They even sent a commission to investigate the facts. As a result, his name remained in history. He also gave impetus to the study of the world of simple living things.

I am now well aware of the benefits that a detailed examination of the results of my research could bring. If you somehow turn off this stupid enemy of total degradation, using CRISP technology or simply by eliminating his nerve node with an electric shock, we will not only be able to say goodbye to many considered mysterious diseases that are difficult or impossible to cure. For example, such as schizophrenia, depression, psychosis, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, encephalopathy and many others. But it will also be possible to free civilization from the terrible shackles of its development. She will instantly breathe freely, begin to rapidly rush forward, will build fair relationships where everyone can live happily. Most likely, there will be no more crises, poverty, hunger, total hatred and wars. In family and love, it will be possible to build fair and full-fledged relationships leading to personal happiness and, ultimately, everyone's full surrender for the good of all humanity.

You think I didn’t try to reach anyone with this information? Not half! I have tried! But humanity was not curious. Those to whom I tried to tell this either immediately were terribly cowardly and did not want to read, or did not attach any importance to this. Naturally, I tried to reach out to science. I wrote to the journal Science and Life, to the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, to several addressees, to the Russian Academy of Sciences, to academicians. I did not immediately describe the results of my research, I simply reported that I had important information, and offered to share it. The result was: no answer or no answer after reading the submitted material. I even wrote to the famous astronomer Dmitry Vibe. He is telling us from a wide rostrum that aliens will not fly, UFOs are some kind of nonsense, he himself saw UFOs, but it seems to him not interesting. I told him that there are interesting facts about aliens, he limited himself to a couple of standard notifications, but did not want to get acquainted with the information. Apparently, it is not at all interesting for an astronomer to know about aliens.

In the end, I personally approached the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician Alexander Sergeyev, with a request to find someone to whom this data could be transmitted. The result is the same, they simply ignored me.

There is no single mailbox in the RAS for letters from ordinary citizens. Why do scientists need to know our opinion? It’s just not possible to reach modern science! Science is not interested in anything now. Even if I bring the Great Opening to scientists now, for which they personally will immediately be given the Nobel Prize, they will not want to listen. As I already guess, in Russia there is simply no science! A scientist who is not interested in new information, who does not seek to learn anything, is no longer a scientist. This is a functionary or office employee. Russian science now is a fiction! But the true state of affairs in Russian science was very vitally described to me by one doctor of biological sciences. I then answered him right away: it’s a corpse, you live there in the miasma of a corpse!

Desperate to find understanding in Russia, I wrote a letter to Scientific American magazine. The same result, they did not answer me. They also do not have a mailing address for readers, only for commercial offers. It seems that the position of science in the United States is no better than in Russia, as well as throughout the world.

After that I decided to write to all the academies of sciences in developed countries.

Applied to the British Academy of Sciences (, President Sir David Cannadine. No answer.

Sent a letter to the French Academy of Sciences (, President Monsieur Pierre Corvol. Vice President Monsieur Patrick Flandrin, Secretary of Monsieur Étienne Ghys, and the Academy Secretariat. No answer.

Wrote to the Union of German Academies of Sciences and Humanities (, President Professor Hanns Hatt, Vice President Professor Thomas O. Höllmann, Vice President Edwin J. Kreuzer, and the Secretariat. Zero reaction.

I sent letters to the American National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (, at three different addresses. No reaction. I also sent it to the American National Academy of Arts and Sciences (, which is a separate organization. It's already funny.

Sent to the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences ( Who would have doubted, there is no answer.

Sent to the Italian National Academy dei Lincei ( Same.

Submitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences ( No result.

Sent to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences ( The mailing address given on the site gives a delivery error.

Applied to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences ( You can guess what happened.

To the Norwegian Academy of Sciences ( Silence.

Sent to the Academy of Finland ( Nothing.

Sent to the Royal Society of Canada ( No answer.

Sent to Indian National Academy of Sciences ( Left unattended.

Sent to the Chinese Academy of Sciences ( The same result.

I also tried to write to the psychiatric community, hoping to find understanding there. I wrote to the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, only one doctor answered, received the text and went out.

I tried to contact the University of Cambridge, previously known for its scandalous research on the paranormal. It seems to the address. It didn't work! Of all the doctors and professors to whom I wrote, no one answered. I managed to get through to one student, and then, at that time he had already stopped studying at the university, the postal address remained. But he, too, received information and fell silent. What can I say, Cambridge is not the same ...

The answer to this riddle is simple. People who sit in the institutions described have nothing to do with science! These are all zits-chairmen of the offices of the well-known type "Horns and Hooves", who are only interested in financial investments in their bullshit research. Nothing interests them anymore! It's a paradox, but if you suddenly discover real cold thermonuclear fusion at home, you won't be able to interest this "science" in any way. It's just that no one will react! As I understand it, they are already not interested in the Nobel Prize, they are only interested in investments from fools. How can this be called science?

But this is not the worst. My understanding is growing that the scientific community already presents us with a picture of the world, far from reality, born only in their fantasies and in mathematical calculations. These theories have become infinitely complex, filled with difficult to understand formulas, and ordinary people do not even try to delve into them. And the idea is imposed on them that science now knows everything and is moving forward with leaps and bounds. In fact, these scientists are doing things somehow, leaving well-marked inconsistencies and gaping holes in their writings. As I understand it, the calculation is made that no one will understand this complex material and will not notice these inconsistencies. Therefore, modern science immediately begins to yell wildly when you try to criticize it with argument. It is designed for gullible people who listen with an open mouth and ask only convenient questions. Essentially, modern science cannot answer fundamentally complex questions! Immediately hatred, bias, accusations of pseudoscience, demagogy. As I understand it, sooner or later, with such an attitude, it will come to a complete standstill, and will simply depict activity, completely inventing the results, handing out awards to each other. The main thing is that no one guesses about anything.

It so happened that in a strange way I found the answer to a question that seems to excite humanity. We are not alone in the universe! That's for sure. The Fermi paradox no longer exists for me. Now I am sure that aliens visited the Earth, maybe more recently. Who they were is hard to say. Most likely they were not like us. But it is entirely possible that the UFOs were partly alien aircraft that simply tracked what happened to the civilization of people on Earth. But a strange thing. The whole world is already equipped with smartphones with cameras, it seems that UFO messages with photos and videos should appear everywhere all the time, but they are not! Only falsifications.


It seems to me that the civilization that once made us intelligent is dead. Therefore, the aliens will no longer come. When there were massive reports of UFOs in the 1950s, it was repeatedly mentioned that they crash, explode and fall apart in the air. They also do something incomprehensible, make idiotic maneuvers. In my opinion, even then that civilization of our former masters and creators did not succeed. Everything didn't work, or it worked very badly. Perhaps they would have wanted to destroy us, but failed and died. Why do I think so? In their psychology, which they laid in a genetic enemy built into every earthling, they have already gone beyond the edge of immorality. This is called: reached the limit of bad. He only spoils and interferes, harms, acting as an enemy, and does nothing useful! At the same time, he seems to be a friend and as if he does only good to everyone. Everyone thinks that he is beautiful, smart, interesting, in fact, he is dumb and completely unnecessary. But their biggest miscalculation in the design of this mechanism is that in its activity it exceeds the limit of baseness and then drives into a complete dead end. Quite simply, these aliens made a similar miscalculation somewhere in their world, went into such a hopeless dead end and they were simply killed by their own slaves. The simplest thing: this enemy of endless degeneration fights precisely those who would be able to make friends and help the owners themselves, if they were normal. But they weren't normal. In their development, they reached the limit of bad, on which they based their lives, and from this, most likely, they ended their existence. The main product of this enemy is a huge number of stupid evil moral freaks. Most likely, this is the mistake. The owners themselves were extremely deceitful and vile, they never told anyone the truth. And they killed mercilessly for any miscalculations, using exclusively meanness, while the subordinate creatures were not given the right to live fully at all. That's why they themselves were killed.

It's hard to say why they made us, and why they interfered in evolution on Earth. Maybe at the end of their existence they wanted to feel like gods, creators of life. But they miscalculated by laying a genetic enemy that spoils everything everywhere. Because of fear! They were afraid of us! And if they are still alive, then most likely they are wildly afraid! In cinematography, aliens usually attack earthlings in order to enslave and pump our resources. This is unlikely to happen in reality. There are plenty of resources in space, and they are easier to get with the help of ordinary robots. But these former masters may attack for another reason: fear. Because the main enemy of everything is, first of all, a stupid bastard and a coward. Most likely, he led then when we were limited in development, because the built-in enemy is extremely vicious and stupid, drives into complete dead ends, so it is easy to detect and can be defeated. It is important to neutralize it forever in all people, so that we ourselves can build starships and fly to the planet of our former masters and creators. Most likely, at that time they themselves will no longer be there. But a lot of interesting things can be found on their planet! What we don't know yet. And in particular, where did they come from! This is a very advanced civilization. And most likely, it is relatively close from here, you can get there.

I really hope that someday it will happen. Earth will be freed from the main brake in its development, which we have inherited, and will itself go to the stars. Therefore, I disclose this knowledge to everyone without claiming authorship. Even if someone uses them to get the Nobel Prize for it, I will only be glad. So I lived my life not in vain.

And you know, if you think that I am proud of my discovery, you are greatly mistaken. I was disgusting! This mystery of the millennium turned out to be a disgusting immoral creature that needs to be crushed like a bug, and that's it. Remove it from the body, like a disease, and forget about all its secrets, which turned out to be a genetic enemy with chicken brains. That's what I'm going to do. I'll forget about him and go about my business. Copernicus brought knowledge of the beautiful universe to earthlings, and it was just disgusting to figure out this piece of shit, nothing more.

Therefore, the secret was boring. Most often it happens that if something is good, then it is usually interesting and beautiful, and if it is bad, it can at first seem entertaining and scary, but in the end it turns out to be petty, ugly and not at all interesting. I am sure that in the universe there are many other secrets that are much more interesting than this.