Problems in science

So, you are sure that today science has achieved extraordinary heights. Stunning discoveries taking place with fanfare. We have already invaded the limits of quantum physics, discovered the laws of the development of the universe, caught the gravitational waves. It seems that we are rapidly moving forward ... But ... That's the trouble. Quantum physics was discovered at the beginning of the last century, and since then little has changed in it. Yes, there is a string theory, its problem is that it is not confirmed in any way, except for calculations. Think about what fundamental discoveries have radically changed your life over the past 20 years? The answer may surprise. None! Do you say GPS and cellular? This all appeared in the 1980s of the last century. Flat TVs? So this is also not news. Yes, there was a smartphone and a tablet computer. But these are good engineering developments based on the ideas of the last century. That's actually ... that's all.

And scientists are writing, writing ... Long rows of formulas. It makes a lasting impression! How smart they are! They’ve already considered the whole universe. There are fewer and fewer secrets in it. Let's look at this example how this all happens for them. Surely, you already know that our universe arose as a result of the Big Bang. This is already included in school books. At first it was believed that the explosion was in a vacuum, something like a point exploded, a huge bunch of matter, and stars and galaxies began to form in all directions. It was logical in its own way. But it turned out that in practice, everything does not look like that. It did not coincide with the observations. As a result, this provision was revised, now it is believed that initially not only matter, but also space-time, that is, vacuum, began to form from a point. Suddenly a lot, a lot of vacuum came out of nothing. It should be assumed that the vacuum then, it is also something like matter, and must somehow be formed. How did he do it and does it continuously? Where does he come from? But the horses had already been carried, and there was no way to stop.

The fundamental question is, was there a universe before the Big Bang? The answer of the cosmologists was. Was there space and time? The answer is there were none. How did the universe come about then? From quantum fluctuation. Where then could this quantum fluctuation occur if there was neither time nor space? That's all, there is no answer. We arrived! It turns out that it happened nowhere. But we didn’t notice it? And after the Big Bang, quantum fluctuation and a new universe may again arise within our universe. And at least thousands of them. Right next to it. But for some reason did not arise. Well, we drove by. We look further, after the Big Bang, the universe began to expand rapidly. It needed a lot of energy, where did it come from? And out of nowhere. No energy is needed to expand the universe. She is already there. But like this. It is taken from the created matter. Something like this. Law of conservation? Well, what do we need such laws? Not a decree. We drove by again. Further, the universe began to expand rapidly. Very fast. So, directly, very fast. Because scientists so happened from their theories. This moment was called the theory of inflation. And what? The Universe took and began to expand abruptly, breaking the laws of physics. Therefore, the correct decision was made responsibly: at this moment, these laws of physics simply did not work! But like this. None worked. To fit into the theory, the universe expanded in leaps and bounds, according to its own laws, rejecting existing ones. A very convenient point of view, I must say. It resembles a circus trick when a rabbit suddenly appears in a magician in a cylinder. But all right, the universe expanded, first quarks appeared, then particles, and then matter. Matter itself began to take shape in stars and planets, then in galaxies. But there is trouble. It turned out that the universe continues to expand, and does so with acceleration! And it expands the vacuum, which either stretches from this, like an elastic band, or is formed from somewhere. In this case, no one has ever recorded how the vacuum expands, and does not even have a close idea of how such a process occurs. But who were interested in such trifles? The game has already gone! No need to pay attention to details! But how does the universe do this?

On this occasion, discovered the "dark energy". It has an interesting property to expand the universe just like that, without the necessary energy supply. And this energy itself is such. The fundamental discovery! You probably already heard about it. True, here is the trouble, no one has yet fixed the darkest energy. There are only indirect signs. And then, it seems, there is ... Or not ... But at such a solemn moment, is it necessary to pay attention to such trifles! Opening of the century! At the same time, they “discovered” and “dark matter”. Nobody has yet explicitly fixed it either. It’s convenient to open something by calling it dark. Dark means no one can determine and see in any way. But the opening took place! Now it is already believed that some galaxies are so rapidly moving away from us that they exceeded the speed of light. And this is normal, because they move away together with the expanding vacuum. But the question is, where do they go? All this happening where? Where was the universe originally in the form of a point, and then expanded to 90 billion light-years in diameter, and continues to expand further, more rapidly? Why is there so much space for this? You should not ask such questions to cosmologists! They call them "interesting" and do not answer. Why think about such things seriously? Just think, the universe has bloated, 90 billion light-years in diameter, and continues to swell! Who will it affect? After all, there is nobody and nothing there, not even space and time. There is nothing around our universe, but inside this "nothing" we swell the whole universe. After all, it has already been proved!

For example, redshift, indicating the uniform accelerated removal of all objects in the universe from each other. This is called the Hubble constant. And we are told that it is not the stars scattering in space, it is the vacuum that expands like a pie with raisins in the oven, where the stars and galaxies are raisins. But here's the trouble. If you imagine how this happens, it becomes clear that either the Hubble constant is not correct, it cannot be constant for all objects, or objects cannot move evenly away from each other in all directions. Because the end result is a ball-shaped expansion. The raisins in the pie don't do that! One raisin moves faster, the other slower. This is the geometry of the points of the expanding ball. They do not move away from each other at the same speed, measured in either direction. That is, the expanding universe is not a ball. What then? Ah ... hell knows. Doesn't matter, right? Maybe a torus, although this is not certain. Or something like a bucket. This is how it is now portrayed.

Expanding universe

Ah ... it doesn't matter either. We drove past again. Wait, they will tell me at this moment. But what about relic radiation? It is discovered by scientists. Yes. But it comes from everywhere. Therefore, we are told that the universe did not have the epicenter of the Big Bang. He is at every point. Strange, the raisin pie has an approximate center, where it all began, but the universe does not. But that doesn't matter, does it? And do not ask cosmologists interesting questions, they still do not answer.

All of the above tells us that the Big Bang theory has long gone into insurmountable contradictions, and it is time to deal with fundamental issues, rather than run so far. Maybe everything really doesn't look right? And the universe is not really expanding, especially with acceleration? Maybe we just see some kind of illusion created by a change in the properties of space-time at great distances and vast intervals of time, it gives rise to such opinions By and large, these issues should be addressed by philosophy; it has always dealt with this. But with its epistemology and phenology, it has already become the justification for any extravagant hypothesis. Therefore, the armored train of this theory cannot be stopped. Hundreds and thousands of theoreticians have been writing formulas on chalk boards for decades! They wrote, wrote, wrote, and came to a standstill. But then they just pretend that everything is in order. It’s familiar, right? Therefore, in cosmology, one cannot criticize the Big Bang theory. It can be slightly corrected, but to say that it is fundamentally wrong is impossible! They will not answer in principle and will simply ignore the questions. The secret of the current situation is quite simple. There are about 10,000 astronomers in the world, and out of them, there are about 1,000 cosmologists in total. And you thought there were millions of them? This 1000 has come up with legends for us, developing one hypothesis more and more, completely ignoring the fact that no answers to the most fundamental questions have been found. And they are not at all embarrassed by the glaring contradictions in their constructions. The Big Bang Theory has long been designed for gullible simpletons who are not going to think about it with their own heads. And of course, they will not pay any attention to these inconsistencies. The main thing is to speak from the rostrum with pressure, quickly, as difficult as possible, so that no one has time to start thinking.

In fact, in basic science, almost everything is so designed that no one from the outside will try to figure it out. Therefore, you need to understand a simple thing.


Science is a corpse! These theories like the Big Bang, which upon first careful examination fall apart like a house of cards, are the tales of a dead man. But did you seriously believe that science is more powerful today than ever, and it is driven by millions of enthusiastic scientists? In reality, this is a miserable sight. It consists of scattered small groups of scientists with titles and awards, arrogant in their regalia, filled with self-conceit, which conflict with each other, and are desperately fighting for crumbs of financing. About promising new projects there is simply no question. Nobody is interested in anything. You go where you want and promote your ideas yourself, as you want, and where you want. If your point of view does not coincide with that prevailing in any group of inhabitants of this world, it immediately, without careful consideration, is declared as an alternative theory. An attempt to defend one’s point of view comes across bias and professionally honed demagogy. Therefore, strangers are immediately expelled from there. Otherwise, they, God forbid, take away the remnants of the already decreasing funding every year. The described state of things most closely resembles the swarming of microbes in a decaying corpse. They are evil because they feel bad. But how did it happen?

This is not particularly surprising. Once upon a time, in the era of the emergence of science, it was promoted by lone enthusiasts. It was easier for them. The basic laws of the surrounding reality could be understood, having the simplest set of tools and instruments available to a loner. Most often, these people made experiments on their own money, did not depend on anyone, and had their own opinions. The pursuit of science did not bring them income, they were enthusiasts who were sincerely interested in obtaining the truth about the world around them. Of course there was a debate, but no one could drive out science just like that, declaring the theory pseudoscientific, just because it does not coincide with the majority opinion. Scientists united in societies, it was possible to become their member, nothing more. It was possible not to become. But gradually, things were changing. The experiments became more and more complex and expensive, inaccessible to an enthusiastic researcher. So gradually, scientists began to largely depend on external financing, for example, magnates or large corporations, carrying out orders for them. The impetus was given during the world wars when science entered the service of the military industry. Since then, it has actually become a state structure. Scientists have already received ranks in a certain state hierarchy, state awards, and salaries for their research. At first, everything went well; in the 20th century, notable progress was made. But then this system began to slip. It was already entirely funded by the state or sometimes by private investors, and became completely dependent on their interest in themselves. A series of crises swept in the late XX - early XXI centuries, interest began to weaken. Especially to fundamental science. And in Russia, it has already fallen so much that to exist within this structure has become tantamount to a struggle for survival. This is how state science, which has essentially become ossified, does not accept other people's opinions and criticism from the outside. She can rightfully be called "official," although she hates being called that. She is no longer fighting for the scientific truth, she is interested in external financing of areas where someone else is surviving. Therefore, it became more profitable for her to hush up insurmountable contradictions, pretending that everything is in order, and hoping that someday they will somehow resolve themselves, or at least ignorance of most people will allow those involved to live to retirement.

You probably read, listened, looked, the same as I did, and didn’t notice anything? And why? You recklessly believed that scientists would not deceive you, therefore you did not delve into the essence! That's what modern science has become, it is like in an old joke, seeing that the rails in front are over, it prefers to rotate the wheels, standing still and depicting to others that it is rushing forward.