Where is the astral

So, we now suspect that mankind has come across a not entirely clear phenomenon many times when unknown creatures respond to it through spiritualistic practices, moreover, they are not only rational, but can also create complex fantasies, appear to be non-existent people or incorporeal creatures living somewhere. But where are they located? This place is called the astral among the spiritualists. But further opinions about him differ and do not contain anything specific. It is assumed that there are some other worlds, other dimensions, energy-informational fields, and in them a person is present only as part, and specially trained people, called mediums, are able to dive deeper.


This riddle has worried humanity for millennia. Many are sure that there can exist after death. In the form of a certain astral being, among other astral beings. If a person wants to talk with such a creature, it can come closer to him from the astral. And in general, a person in his life is constantly surrounded by millions of invisible creatures, good and evil, with whom he is able to subconsciously come into contact and who can influence him.

The problem here is that neither parallel measurements nor energy-information fields have been scientifically established. Moreover, science has pushed the boundaries of our universe so that it is impossible to reach a person from it. Around and above his head there is an earthly atmosphere, even higher there is a vacuum where there is nothing of the kind, beneath him there is an earthly crust, which was already drilled a kilometer inland, and nothing was found. Therefore, most scientists mockingly regard the idea of astral as superstition. But what does this turn out to be, the phenomenon exists, many have come across it many times, and it is placed nowhere? A typical state for modern science, it cannot answer a simple question, therefore it denies the phenomenon itself.

When a person engages in spiritualistic practices, he holds in his hands some object. And this item begins to make movements as if against his willpower. If this item is placed in close proximity to a person who will not touch it in any way, then it will not move. In movies and literature, cases are described when knocks are heard in the room where the seance is held, objects move by themselves, doors are slammed, and then they cannot be opened. Over the past years, I have come across many things that can greatly surprise, but have never noticed anything like it. Therefore, I can definitely say: this is all fiction. Nothing ever happens around a person. In old wooden houses there may be creaks and rustles caused by natural causes, but this is not connected with the phenomena of spiritualism. From this follows a simple conclusion: someone moves spiritual instruments, someone swings the pendulum, someone turns the frame, someone writes on paper with a pen. Moreover, he himself is not felt, but he is not outside the human body. So this is someone inside!


One can easily guess that this is just parallel thinking, like a second person in the same body who performs these manipulations with the same hand, seeing, for example, the letters on the circle with the same eyes. This point of view does not contradict the scientific one, but our science has limited itself to psychic automatisms and completely overlooked the rational nature of this phenomenon and its independence from the consciousness of man himself! It turns out that these someone, “spirits,” are sitting in the same head. And what are they doing there? As we understood from the last chapter, they are enemies, they lie all the time and are confusing. How does this happen? Everything is very simple - this astral is the enemy of mankind.

For centuries, people have been trying to find something positive in it. And nothing was clear. It seems that "higher forces" exist, but terrible atrocities are happening on Earth, from which a person is forced to climb out himself. There were many theories and doctrines that basically agreed that there is a constant struggle between good and evil, and these opposites are somewhere in the same astral plane. No one really understands how they didn’t fight at the same time. And again it does not converge. This positive force is not visible. It is as if she never intervenes in anything. In any disaster, it seems to be absent altogether. Millions of attempts to explain this situation, millions of excuses for inaction from above. And still it looks unconvincing. But if you start to think the other way around, that these forces are only hostile, and spoil everything everywhere, then immediately everything falls into place. You can easily notice many seemingly illogical events when everything around falls apart for no apparent reason. I wrote about all this in the first chapters.


But how is it that there are someone in the human head who is only harming? Psychiatrists will immediately find the answer to this question. This is a mental disorder. You are sick.


Everyone knows that voices in the head are bad. A person is mentally ill and needs treatment. If voices are talking to you, then you're crazy. So, is the astral just a mental disorder? And are all these creatures the fruit of a sick imagination? In fact, the contradiction in this only seems. There must be craziness in the astral! All is correct. And later I will explain why.


Therefore, all recipes and schemes from there never work in practice, and predictions do not come true.